MetaMask Wallet Review 2023 – Is It A Reliable Cryptocurrency Wallet?

MetaMask Wallet Review 2023 – Is It A Reliable Cryptocurrency Wallet?

By Benson Toti - min read

A cryptocurrency wallet is not a traditional wallet that stores cash. The blockchain stores your assets, but only you have access to them with your private key. Your keys are the proof of ownership for your digital currency and how you may conduct transactions. If you forget your secret keys, you cannot get access to your cryptocurrency. The wallet you use must be safe and keep your assets secure. 

Today, we’re reviewing the very renowned MetaMask wallet. In this MetaMask review, we’re going to demystify its features and discover whether it is trustworthy or not. So, let’s delve deep into it. 

What is a MetaMask wallet?

In 2016, Consensys introduced MetaMask to encourage the use of dApps, or decentralized apps, such as DEXs, e-gaming platforms, and staking possibilities in DeFi platforms. 

MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to keep Ethereum (ETH) or other ERC 20 tokens built on the Ethereum blockchain and utilize them with any decentralized application (dApp) of their choosing. Initially, the only way to use the MetaMask online wallet was by installing a browser extension on a Chromium-based web browser like Firefox, Chrome, or Brave.

The popularity of cryptocurrencies and crypto wallets prompted MetaMask to develop a mobile app for iOS and Android, allowing users to access their digital assets from anywhere in addition to the online wallet MetaMask extension.

What makes MetaMask unique?

MetaMask’s encryption features set it apart from competing for hardware wallets. Users just need to keep track of their seed phrases.

The Ethereum network inspired the development of the MetaMask wallet, but it also supports other networks like the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) and several testnets. MetaMask provides users with versatility by allowing them to connect several hardware wallets and simply switch between mainnet networks.

MetaMask’s wallet integration with BSC (Binance Smart Chain) allows users seamlessly swap between their Binance and Ethereum crypto wallet, and trade on blockchain platforms from either network. A fully-integrated, widely-usable Web 3.0 environment has always been its top priority.

Key features of MetaMask wallet

The key benefits of the MetaMask wallet are as follows:

1. Online trading 24/7

Those having a MetaMask account may instantly trade any token with Immediate Connect from their computer or smartphone. To guarantee that all users get the highest possible exchange rate while incurring the fewest possible network or gas costs, this feature aggregates data from DEX aggregators, individual DEXs, and Market Makers. Unlike other forms of digital currency wallets, MetaMask was built from the ground up with anonymity in mind. Users may safely store, trade, and access tokens on the platform without giving over too much personal information to exchanges and decentralised applications.

2. Customised gas fees

MetaMask wallet users, unlike those of other hardware wallets, may alter the gas prices associated with their transactions to meet their particular needs. The wallet also provides complete control over gas price adjustments.

3. Implementation of EIP-1559

With the implementation of EIP-1559, Ethereum’s market mechanisms have been altered, with the first-price auction being replaced with the fixed-price sale. As a result of this update, users making transactions will no longer need to estimate how much gas will be needed since the base cost will be rolled into the subsequent block. The miner might be tipped or given a priority fee by an application or user who wants their transaction to be processed faster.

Is Metamask a reliable and secure platform?

This MetaMask wallet review states that consumers have always been wary of utilising a software or hardware wallet for fear of having their funds stolen or lost owing to very improbable hacks or theft. Most cryptocurrency users that experience a loss do not do so because of hackers but rather because they fall victim to social engineering techniques. This refers to crooks located somewhere in the internet who pose as trustworthy sources to trick consumers into revealing their secret keys.

The seed phrases serve as a password for one’s MetaMask wallet to access cryptocurrencies.   If a person discloses their cryptocurrency wallet’s seed phrase, cyber criminals may use it to establish a new wallet and access their digital assets. However, the MetaMask wallet incorporates very strong seed phrases that are hard to decipher. Because of this, your MetaMask wallet account will always be protected.

But, if users divulge their seed words and depend on them to donate free money via interesting online activities, then the security safeguards are useless. Therefore, customers may rest assured that MetaMask employs sufficient security mechanisms, but they must take the necessary precautions to safeguard their cash by safeguarding their seed phrases.

Pros and cons of using MetaMask wallet

The MetaMask wallet has several advantages over other cryptocurrency wallets that make it unique. Let’s explore these:


  • Compatible with Ethereum smart contract tokens and decentralised applications (dapps) that use the ERC-20 standard.

  • Dapps provide users with access to staking tools and NFT markets.

  • Payment options include e-wallets like PayPal, ACH, and credit/debit cards.


  • There’s no desktop version to download.

  • Not suitable for non-Ethereum tokens.

Steps to use the MetaMask wallet for the first time

Read on for a rundown of the first steps required to set up a secure and legit MetaMask wallet account: –

1. Sign up

After installing the plugin from the MetaMask website, users may create a new wallet or recover a lost one by inputting the secret seed phrase.

2. Keep the seed phrase safe

The MetaMask platform requires the user’s analytics data during the account creation process.  Users should create a backup of their seed phrase and put it somewhere safe since they’ll need it to access their current ETH wallet accounts by opening a new ETH wallet and using the same seed phrase even if the MetaMask software fails to launch. 

3. Use the Metamask wallet from now on

Each user of the wallet must come up with a strong and unique password to access their private keys and begin using the wallet. Because of this, your MetaMask wallet is secure even if someone gains access to your computer. After deciding on a secure password, the user will be brought to their wallet’s balance page. To make sure the user has full access to their MetaMask account, they should go to the Puzzle menu and select the Pin Extension in the browser.

4. Sign In To Your DApp

The next stage is for users to acquire Ethereum tokens to cover the costs associated with conducting cryptocurrency transactions. 


We found that the MetaMask wallet is reliable and safe to use. Its users have access to a wide range of Ethereum-based decentralised applications (dApps), Ethereum-powered games, cryptocurrency lending products, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Additionally, users may effortlessly spend, stake, and transmit their cryptocurrency inside the ETH ecosystem using MetaMask’s built-in crypto wallet without having to deal with any external wallet integration or unwanted transaction. Because of this, MetaMask provides customers with a gateway into DeFi and other blockchain-based services and industries.


1. Can I make large payments using MetaMask?

Since MetaMask is a hardware wallet, it is perfectly safe to use it to store and transfer large amounts of Ethereum or ERC 20 tokens. 

2. Does MetaMask support Bitcoin storage?

MetaMask does not store any Bitcoin at this time. Because MetaMask is only compatible with Ethereum and stores ERC-20 tokens, users cannot use it to purchase Bitcoin.

3. Should I keep using MetaMask to store my coins?

Since MetaMask does not hold private keys, storing cryptocurrency in the wallet is fully secure. MetaMask is a reliable wallet since it does not store or have access to sensitive user information like seed phrases or private keys.