Miners could shift to AI after Bitcoin halving; Expert believes Borroe Finance ($ROE) could be positioned for next wave of growth

Miners could shift to AI after Bitcoin halving; Expert believes Borroe Finance ($ROE) could be positioned for next wave of growth

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  • CoinShares stated in a report that Bitcoin miners Could gravitate towards the AI sector to bolster revenue after BTC halving.
  • Borroe Finance ($ROE) is an AI-funding marketplace for Web3 participants to trade future earnings.
  • Borroe Finance ($ROE) is positioned to witness substantial growth during the next phase of the bull run, according to several analysts.

CoinShares says Bitcoin miners could switch to AI after Bitcoin halves

CoinShares published a report on April 22 affirming the possible migration of Bitcoin miners to the AI sector following the much-anticipated BTC halving.

According to the report, this move will be a strategic decision to increase their revenue. Bitcoin halved on April 20, when miners’ rewards split from 6.250 BTC to 3.125 BTC.

CoinShares revealed that leading Bitcoin mining firms like Hut 8 (HUT), Hive (HIVE), and BitDigital (BTBT) have begun milking AI. 

Similarly, Core Scientific (CORZ) and TeraWulf (WULF) own running AI operations and are working towards expanding. Commenting on the development, James Butterfill stated that Bitcoin mining may soon switch to a stranded energy location while AI develops in stable sites.

Per the report, average electricity and production costs will likely double post-halving. However, mining firms may control these hikes using optimized energy costs, bolstering mining efficiency, and acquiring sophisticated hardware. The reporters noted that the weighted average cash cost of production is predicted to rise from $29,500 to $53,000.

Furthermore, the asset managers forecasted a possible surge in hashrate to 700 by 2025. Meanwhile, it could fall 10% after miners shut down profitless machines. The cost of hashrate will also drop to $53/PH/day.

Could Borroe Finance help create generational wealth as the next bullish wave approaches?

With the AI narrative growing in popularity, Borroe Finance ($ROE), an AI-funding marketplace, is well positioned to win the hearts of investors. Borroe Finance ($ROE) is the intersection between AI and blockchain, allowing both technologies to overlap and create innovative products. 

The adoption of AI and blockchain tech in the Borroe Finance ($ROE) ecosystem makes it a futuristic innovation worth paying attention to, given that the future of finance relies heavily on both sectors.

Borroe Finance introduces a marketplace where Web3 participants can collaborate to transact value for money on a 1:1 scale. Market participants trade future earnings from invoices, royalties, and subscriptions as discounted NFTs. This process allows them to raise funds at their discretion.

Also, Borroe Finance has a provision for DeFi enthusiasts, giving room for staking $ROE for reward, contributing to developing and using decentralized applications (dApps) and adding funds to its liquidity pool to keep the platform liquid enough for transactions to execute smoothly. It also allows for cross-chain transactions through its CrossFi protocol. While in its presale, the top ICO coin has raised over $3.9 million in funding.

Borroe Finance ($ROE) is up 100% from its beta stage price of $0.01 to its current value of $0.02. Achieving this growth has positioned $ROE for another 25% jump to $0.025, preceding its DEX listing. Considering its outlook, the forthcoming bull wave could be an opportunity to create generational wealth through Borroe Finance ($ROE).


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