Ripple’s win against SEC a boost to Chancer as presale accelerates

Ripple’s win against SEC a boost to Chancer as presale accelerates

By Motiur Rahman - min read
  • US court ruled in favour of Ripple in the case initiated by SEC

  • The ruling is positive for crypto, with newcomers like Chancer benefiting

  • Chancer could rise by double or triple-digit percentages in 2023

Crypto is not a security. This was the message the US judge Analisa Torres passed in making a positive ruling on Ripple’s XRP classification against the Securities and Exchange Commission. The classification was welcome in crypto quarters as XRP pumped by double digits. The ruling is positive for existing and upcoming digital assets as it clears legal uncertainty. Chancer could ride on this optimism to become a valuable asset, with the presale quickly selling out in just a month.

SEC loss is a win for crypto

The SEC’s case against Ripple has been a long-standing issue since December 2020. It would have set a precedent for the classification of digital assets, impacting their attractiveness to investors. SEC believed Ripple violated security laws through the issuance of XRP. The court’s verdict now clears the legal hurdle and represents a win for crypto as it limits SEC’s action against other digital asset entities and issuers.

The landmark win is positive for Chancer. Chancer is a blockchain-based predictive markets application that launched a presale on June 13th, 2023. A month later, Chancer raised more than $768,526 from investors in the presale. 

Investors would be excited that the court’s ruling creates a transparent market where future entanglements of crypto and the regulator are minimised. Chancer could benefit from the outcome. The enthusiasm that the presale has generated means the positive sentiment created by the ruling could boost demand. 

What does Chancer do differently?

Chancer taps into the power of peer-to-peer (P2P) relations to build a blockchain platform for betting. P2P has become popular with crypto and blockchain, as it allows users to exchange value in a decentralised manner across geographies. 

In its P2P betting model, Chancer allows users to connect with others and bet on their preferred events. Different from the existing betting methods where the bookmakers determine events, odds, and rules, Chancer lets users decide for themselves. Users create P2P markets, determine rules, fix odds, and invite other participants to bet on a decentralised platform. The bets are facilitated by the $CHANCER token, the medium of exchanging value.

But it is not just the betting element, as Chancer is designed to be a medium of investment. Users earn from creating Chancer markets, besides making successful bets on them. For investors who love passive income, there is the option to stake the native token and earn yields. Users also earn for sharing the platform with others. 

Is Chancer a 10x investment in 2023?

Cryptocurrencies are new asset classes and power innovative use cases. As we have seen in the past, cryptocurrencies can rise by more than 1,000% in a few months after launch. Chancer could be a 10x investment as it powers a user case that has not been exploited in blockchain and crypto. This also reflects the growing popularity of betting. 

Nonetheless, a 10x prediction for CHANCER in 2023 could be too early. Chancer is still on presale, and its first listing will occur in the third quarter on Uniswap. It takes a few months for valuable tokens to surge in value 10 times, which this analysis doubts could happen in 2023. Potentially a price increase of 1,000% is likely in 2024. A double or triple-digit percentage price gain is the most realistic scenario for 2023. 

Should you buy CHANCER now?

Chancer is in its first presale stage, priced at $0.01. Once the first stage concludes, the price will rise to $0.011 in the second phase. It means buying now is attractive as the price is still low.

CHANCER is also headed for listing in the third quarter. Any explosive price move would occur after listing. Buying now allows investors to ride the price momentum when the token debuts on exchanges.