Shiba Memu rises to fame, but how attractive is the meme crypto in 2023?

Shiba Memu rises to fame, but how attractive is the meme crypto in 2023?

By Motiur Rahman - min read
  • Shiba Memu aims to be a sustainable meme crypto alternative to its predecessors.

  • The cryptocurrency’s value has been rising during the presale every day.

  • The potential for Shiba Memu is huge, with up to 50x predictions.

Shiba Memu (SHMU) is undeniably one of the best-selling meme cryptocurrencies of 2023. Since launching a presale, the new meme crypto sensation has raised over $3.48 million. The solid presale underlines the interest in the meme cryptocurrency and its unique value proposition. But why has Shiba Memu grown so popular? Let’s discover more about this token that has raised so much interest while still on presale.

Shiba Memu: The self-marketing powerhouse led by AI

When meme cryptocurrencies are mentioned, Dogecoin, Shiba Memu, and PEPE are some top names. Hype, social media mentions, and retail frenzy drive the value of these cryptocurrencies. When the social activity wanes, the tokens fail to sustain gains, crashing after that.

But think of a meme cryptocurrency that can sustain its social media frenzy. Its market value can remain high and rising. This promise has attracted a lot of frenzy to Shiba Memu. The meme crypto project will use AI to analyse social media and deliver targeted marketing interventions. The capability sets Shiba Memu apart, allowing it to retain fame and maintain price surges. 

Shiba Memu learns every time. It searches the web for the latest creative advertising and crafts tailored PR strategies. The AI also constantly reviews and improves on its marketing strategies. Due to its self-improvement features, Shiba Memu can become more intelligent and powerful with time.

Shiba Memu also resonates well with its community. The project features an AI dashboard whose purpose is to connect with the users. You can interact with the AI through the dashboard, ask questions, and get feedback. At a time when AI is gaining prominence, Shiba Memu could prove to be the meme of the future. 

Is Shiba Memu the best meme cryptocurrency in 2023?

A few names have popped up in the meme crypto space in 2023. However, most are based on conventional blockchain technology and do not offer much to what is already there.

Shiba Memu could be the best meme cryptocurrency based on its innovativeness. The quick presale underlines investors’ belief that Shiba Memu could be the best meme opportunity in 2023.

Early investors may also have sniffed an opportunity for SHMU due to its tokenomics. From a starting price of just $0.011125, Shiba Memu is now valued at $0.031150. The gains are not accidental, as SHMU tokenomics allows it to increase daily at 6 PM GMT. This means each token bought on presale increases daily, boosting the investment value.

But as it is common, meme cryptocurrencies unlock value upon listing. Once the presale ends, Shiba Memu will be listed on centralised exchanges. The listing could see the value of Shiba Memu skyrocket, benefiting early birds and speculators. 

Shiba Memu prediction

With the Shiba Memu presale near its finish line, predictions are rife and huge for the token. Analysts hold a bullish view of the token, expecting it to eclipse its predecessors. As such, projections are that Shiba Memu could rise more than 10x and up to 50x.

Based on previous meme crypto movements, a 10x increase could be on the cards. The prediction reflects the current demand and the hype expected when Shiba Memu is listed. 

In the long term, the token has a 50x potential or more. The value will be unlocked from continued use as more investors discover and buy the cryptocurrency.

But don’t get it twisted. Meme cryptocurrencies have risen by supernormal margins within days of launch. PEPE is a great example that saw over 10,000% returns in a few days. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Shiba Memu can claim similar gains once it lists on exchanges. So, investing now could be advantageous for investors seeking to capitalise on the initial market moves.