What potential does Metacade (MCADE) have? Could it double its price in presale?

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What potential does Metacade (MCADE) have? Could it double its price in presale?

By Alice Davies - min read

Metacade looks set to become a big name in the world of crypto. If you have not heard about the project already, then this article is the perfect opportunity for you to learn everything there is to know about Metacade.

By delivering vast Play-to-Earn capabilities and a wide range of amazing features for the community to enjoy, Metacade looks destined to become extremely popular over time. For now, it is still brand-new, as the MCADE token has only just launched its presale event. However, it looks destined to become extremely popular quickly. Read on to find out more. 

What is Metacade?

Biggest On-Chain Arcade

Metacade is the largest arcade that is being built on the blockchain. It will give GameFi players potentially endless gameplay across an expanding range of Play-to-Earn games, where they can compete against others online and try to beat their own high scores. Since the platform has been integrated with blockchain on the base level, Metacade also allows players to earn MCADE token rewards for their performance.

In Metacade, skills pay the bills, and anyone who likes to earn crypto while playing games online will be given vast opportunities to improve their income. As the project is still in its early stages, this metaverse arcade is still being built, but early signs suggest that it could become a major player in the world of Play-to-Earn gaming in the future.

Play-to-Earn Tournaments

The Metacade platform will be home to regular tournaments for GameFi players to enjoy. They can compete against each other in a number of different arcade games, and the platform will also host competitions for other titles within the GameFi ecosystem. Players can access these tournaments, and gain plenty of opportunities to test their skills against other players for the chance to win lucrative MCADE token prizes.

These kinds of events are proving extremely popular among the GameFi community. Players often seek out other players with the same level of interest in competitive gaming to get a more engaging playing experience, and Metacade will become a central place for them to meet, hang out, and compete against each other for crypto prizes.

Decentralised platform with permissionless access

The Metacade platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain. This brings a variety of different benefits, including integrated reward potential for all players. Ethereum is also the biggest Web3 ecosystem in the crypto sphere, which means that there is a greater level of users than on any other network. For gamers looking to make the most out of their Play-to-Earn experience, they can find more like-minded gamers to enjoy the experience with as they seek to maximise their MCADE token holdings.

The platform aims to become a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) over time, which will hand full control over to players. The Metacade community will be able to use their MCADE tokens to vote in governance proposals and have a direct impact on the future of the platform itself.


The Metagrants program will connect some of the most innovative game developers in the world of Web3 with the Metacade community directly. Candidates will submit proposals for Play-to-Earn projects they would like to build, and the Metacade community will be given the chance to vote on which projects they are most excited about playing.

The community will be given the opportunity to provide funding for the most sought-after projects in the space, and directly influence the future of GameFi itself. Since early-stage funding is crucial to developers as they seek to build some of the most sensational games on the blockchain, the role played by the Metacade community will be extremely important for the wider crypto industry, and the project has been attracting a lot of attention as a result.

Contribute to Earn

The community is at the heart of every feature that has been integrated into the Metacade platform. One amazing new way that Metacade aims to boost community engagement and encourage people to meet like-minded individuals in the world of Web3 is by providing MCADE token rewards for the most active community members. You can earn crypto for sharing everything you know about blockchain gaming, and you can uncover some valuable alpha about how to make the most out of your playing experience as a result.

Metacade will also display the top-trending Play-to-Earn games and will include a vast amount of information for new players to learn about all things GameFi. Blockchain technology offers features that legacy titles can not match, and Metacade is on a mission to help the sector keep expanding throughout the gaming industry itself by providing useful insights to both new and experienced players.

Game Testing Roles

The Metacade platform will provide the community with a unique opportunity to test out brand-new blockchain-based games. It will connect new GameFi projects with a community that is ready to take advantage of all their amazing features. In return, the community can test out these new titles and earn an income in the process.

By gaining access to some of the hottest new titles before they are officially released, the Metacade community will be given a chance to provide input to the development process. Players can give their feedback to the developers, who will then implement any new suggestions the community might have, as well as fix any bugs they might find.

What makes MCADE so valuable?

Growing demand for blockchain services

Between 2016 and 2021, the number of crypto users grew exponentially. Back in 2016, there were fewer than 5 million people in the world who held cryptocurrency assets. By 2021, this number grew to almost 300 million, and you would be hard-pressed to find a single person that is not aware of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

This fast rate of adoption has been coupled with some explosive price action. As well as this, there has been an increasing level of innovation occurring in the space. During the same timeframe, between 2016 and 2021, brand-new applications of blockchain technology have been created. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain-based games are just two of these new use cases, but the blockchain is also helping to drive the expansion of virtual reality as well as do things like record environmental change automatically.

As the scope and scale of what is possible with blockchain technology continue to grow, the number of people using decentralised services and cryptocurrency will also increase. The popularity of blockchain technology has been rising every year, and crypto users often find themselves deeply entrenched in the culture while taking advantage of a secure and efficient way to transact with no middlemen and low barriers to entry.

The Future of GameFi

Blockchain is taking the gaming industry by storm. Some of the most skilled innovators in the space have relocated their operations onto the blockchain, as they seek to make the most out of what the technology has to offer. Games like Axie Infinity and Splinterlands have regularly attracted over a million active users, and it seems as though Metacade is next in line to attract this level of users.

Blockchain games typically work by having a virtual economy, that allows players to buy and sell digital assets directly on the platform. These assets are integral to gameplay. Through advanced smart contracts and non-fungible tokens, players can buy and sell unique items that directly impact their gameplay.

During this process of buying, selling, and collecting in-game items, fungible token liquidity is generated that can then be used to pay players cryptocurrency rewards for progressing through the game. Often, Play-to-Earn titles are also free-to-play, which means that users can easily access an online pastime that directly provides financial rewards for the time they spend in-game.

Metacade: Well Positioned for the Future

Metacade sits at the cross-section between a number of rapidly growing global industries. By providing blockchain users with new ways to earn cryptocurrency rewards, and helping to drive forwards the expansion of the GameFi sector, it could have a very big future ahead of it.

The project directly serves the Play-to-Earn community in a number of key ways. Through providing MCADE token rewards to players for contributing useful information, as well as having plans to become a DAO over time, there is a seemingly endless number of features that benefit players in addition to the platform being the biggest Play-to-Earn arcade on the blockchain.

Crypto investors believe that the project could be the next big thing in GameFi. If MCADE can rival other major games in the space such as Axie Infinity, then it has a tremendous level of growth to look forward to. The MCADE token was initially released at just $0.008, giving investors the chance to get 125 MCADE per $1 invested. The presale is only active for a limited period of time, and this price is set to rise up to $0.02 per token – 2.5x what it was in the first stage – before MCADE is eventually released to the public.

GameFi players, as well as crypto investors looking for the next gem that could explode in the coming years, have all been eager to get involved. MCADE looks set to skyrocket during its presale and could rise up to 200%. This is certainly a project that is worth keeping an eye on.

You can participate in the MCADE presale here.