What Will Cardano (ADA) Be Worth in the Future?

What Will Cardano (ADA) Be Worth in the Future?

By Benson Toti - min read
Updated 21 March 2023
price prediction cardano ada
price prediction cardano ada

Cardano ADA is one of the most curious blockchain projects in the world. The 9th most valuable cryptocurrency in the world by market cap, Cardano is nonetheless an unproven technology. Why are investors so keen to buy Cardano in U.S.A. and Canada?

This project is famous for taking its time. This is not to say that Cardano’s development has been slow. On the contrary, a co-founder of the Ethereum coin and a worldwide team of experts are working hard and fast to bring the Cardano mainnet to market. However, the team is also willing to take the time it takes to create perfection. When Cardano is ready, they want it to be the best smart contracts platform in the entire blockchain industry.

This makes it very difficult to predict the future price of ADA, though. The Cardano team is highly communicative, keeping their investors up to date with new developments. But is the future of Cardano already “priced in” to ADA’s value? We say, “yes and no”.

What Will Cardano ADA’s Future Price Be?

The short answer is, nobody knows! The longer answer requires a bit more context. When the Cardano mainnet is released, its creators hope it to be far superior to other smart contract platforms. ETH, NEO, QTUM, EOS, ICON – all these and more established smart contract blockchains may be left in the dust by a fully operational Cardano.

Meanwhile though, all of these blockchains are being adopted and improved upon. Can Cardano, at some upcoming time, truly outclass these well known chains even as they’re being upgraded in the meantime? Cardano investors clearly think the answer is “yes”.

Cardano’s Recent Price History

This confidence is why ADA reached $1.28 last year. Today it sits at just over $0.06. Even in its diminished state, Cardano remains in the top ten crypto market caps.

We think that Cardano’s progress will be steady. This, combined with a general uptick in crypto prices, will likely have ADA nearing or even surpassing all-time-highs, likely within one year of this writing.

Other predictions have Cardano closer to $5 per token. Critics think it’s headed for zero. Do your own research and consider the market at large. Also, contemplate the Cardano roadmap. Whether you think this is a recipe for success is up to you.

Why Invest in ADA at This Price?

cardano coin
cardano coin

Why might it be a good idea to invest in ADA now? Because it’s currently trading at less than 5% of its all-time high price! That’s right, ADA is trading at a 95% discount compared to its market price on January 3, 2018. If you believe in the future of Cardano (or even if you just believe that a new hype wave is coming), the current price of Cardano is a bargain and then some.

Cardano has incredible potential. Its team is admirable by any standard, and updates have been steady and impressive. On the other hand, Cardano’s mainnet will enter the market behind the current pack of smart contract platforms.

If and when Cardano achieves its goals, this will be a platform (and an investment!) of immense value. We’ve tried to paint a fair portrait for you, but we’re optimistic in the end – as are industry players such as broker eToro, who added Cardano to their CFD roster in June. We think Cardano will shine bright one day. At that time, you will be glad you decided to buy ADA today, when it’s trading at record low prices.

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