30+ Amazing Dogecoin Statistics

30+ Amazing Dogecoin Statistics

By Benson Toti - min read
Dogecoin Cryptocurrency Market Symbol

Dogecoin (DOGE), the first meme cryptocurrency created in 2013 as ‘joke’ by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer. The digital asset’s logo features the Shiba Inu dog, and is currently one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap.

The popular meme coin attracted the attention of the world’s richest person, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk in 2020, and he’s become one of its most prominent proponents.

Before we dive into the top 30 Dogecoin statistics, here are quick facts and stats:

  • Dogecoin supply is unlimited at the moment, but is capped at 5 billion DOGE per year.
  • The top wallet address holds more than 28% of all Dogecoin supply.
  • The top 100 richest wallets hold over 68% of all DOGE, with the total value of these addresses at roughly $7.9 billion as of November 2022.
  • Approximately 10,000 new DOGE are created every minute, with the network’s average block time at 1.04 minutes.
  • The top dormant Dogecoin address holds 5,031,001,908 DOGE, or over 3% of Dogecoin supply.

Dogecoin network statistics

1. There are 136.9 billion DOGE in circulation

Dogecoin launched with an initial supply cap of 100 billion DOGE. Currently, that supply stands at 136.9 billion.

2. New DOGE issuance is capped at 5 billion per year

Dogecoin has no cap on total coin supply. However, while unlimited coins can be created, new supply is capped at 5 billion coins per year. Miners can only unlock up to 5 billion new DOGE every year.

3. The average blocks count per hour is 56 blocks

The Dogecoin network handles an average of 56 blocks per hour, with the 24-hour average around 1,350.

4. The current Dogecoin Blockchain Size is 62.26 GB

The Dogecoin database size has grown since the cryptocurrency’s launch and currently stands at 62.26 GB. The genesis block on the Dogecoin blockchain was created on 8 December 2013 and the Blocks Count had surpassed 4.47 million as of 20 November 2022.

5. Dogecoin’s block reward is 10,000 DOGE

Dogecoin uses mining to process transactions and secure the network and in return, miners earn a reward for using their computational power. On the Dogecoin network, mining reward per block is 10,000 DOGE, plus attached fees. As of November 2022, reward per block translated to about $847 for miners.

6. Approximately 10,000 new DOGE are mined every minute

With an annual cap of 5 billion DOGE, an average of about 10,000 new tokens enter circulation via mining. The average block time for Dogecoin is 1.04 minutes

7. 14.4 million new DOGE are mined every day

As noted, about 10,000 DOGE enter circulation every minute, translating to about 600,000 new coins per hour and 14.4 million DOGE every 24 hours.

8. The average transaction fee on Dogecoin is 0.16% of block reward

The average fee in the total Block reward is 0.16%, with various factors such as DOGE price, mining difficulty and hashrate affecting the fee miners charge.

9. The current Dogecoin network hashrate is 348.27 TH/s

Dogecoin uses the Scrypt algorithm, a proof-of-work mechanism that requires miners to use computational energy to process transactions. The current energy use on the network is 348.27 terahashes per second (TH/s).

10. 45% of Dogecoin nodes are in the US

The Total number of Dogecoin nodes as of 20 November 2022 was 937. According to the Dogecoin Node Explorer Blockchair, 45% of the nodes are in the United States, while 17%, 6% and 4% are located in Germany, France and Canada respectively.

Dogecoin adoption statistics

11. More than 4 million people own Dogecoin

More than 4 million people own Dogecoin, according to BanklessTimes.

12. Over 2,000 merchants accept Dogecoin

The number of merchants and points of sale that accept Dogecoin have increased in 2022. According to the latest analytics data, 2,058 merchants accept DOGE, with 40 payment gateways available.

13. There are currently 542 Dogecoin millionaires

According to Bitinfocharts, there are 542 Dogecoin millionaires as of November 2022. While these wallets hold at least $1 million worth of Dogecoin, data shows another 67 more hold at least $10 million in DOGE.

14. 1 Dogecoin address holds 28% of all Dogecoin supply, or over 38 billion DOGE

The richest Dogecoin wallet address currently holds 28.45% of all DOGE. The wallet first bought Doge in June 2022 and its wealth value currently stands at 38,978,331,799 DOGE or about $2.95 billion.

15. Top 10 Dogecoin wallets hold nearly 50% of all Dogecoin

A large number of Dogecoin tokens are held by a few rich wallets. According to the DOGE rich list, the top 10 wallets hold 49.82% of the Dogecoin wealth.

16. 68.7% of all Dogecoin is held by top 100 wallets

As with the top 10 wallet addresses, the lion’s share of Dogecoin is held in only the top 100 wallets. According to the rich list on Bitinfocharts, the top 100 Dogecoin addresses account for over 68.7% of all DOGE.

17. Top 100 richest wallets hold over $7.9 billion worth of DOGE

Over $7.9 billion worth of DOGE is held in wallets controlled by the top 100 wallets. As of 20 November 2022, these wallets hold around 94,107,777,109 dogecoins.

18. 3,873 Dogecoin wallets hold at least 1 million DOGE each

There 3,873 Dogecoin wallets with over 1 million in DOGE. About 544 wallets hold more than 10,000,000 Dogecoin each and 10 have at least 1 billion DOGE to rank as top Dogecoin whales.

19. Over 2.5 million wallets hold $1 or more worth of Dogecoin

There are more than 2.5 million Addresses richer than $1 in DOGE, data shows. That’s nearly 3x the number of addresses richer than $100 worth of DOGE. Less than 30,000 addresses hold $10,000 or more worth of the cryptocurrency.

20. The top dormant Dogecoin addresses holds 5,031,001,908 DOGE

The top dormant DOGE wallet has been inactive for over 8 years, last transacting in January 2014. According to Bitinfocharts data, the wallet holds 5.03 billion DOGE as of 20 November 2022, which represents 3.67% of total supply.

Dogecoin market statistics

21. The Dogecoin market cap hit $88 billion in May 2021

Dogecoin’s current market cap is about $10.4 billion. However, according to historical price data from CoinMarketCap, the cryptocurrency’s market value rose to over $88 billion in May 2021 as DOGE price hit highs above $0.75.

22. Dogecoin market cap dominance is 1.27%

Dogecoin’s market cap as of 20 November 2022 puts it in 9th position among top 10 largest cryptocurrencies. The $10.4 billion market cap gives Dogecoin a market dominance of 1.27%.

23. Dogecoin’s all-time high price is $0.75

The Dogecoin price jumped to highs of $0.75 in May 2021, helped by a 500% upswing in April on the back of supportive tweets from billionaire and Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

24. Dogecoin price soared 35% as Elon Musk moved to close his $44 billion Twitter deal

The price of Dogecoin has spiked and fallen in recent months alongside tweets and events around Elon Musk. In the latest example, CNBC highlighted DOGE price surging 35% as details of Musk’s Twitter deal surfaced. Part of the reason is speculation that Musk could make Dogecoin the payment currency for Twitter. However, Dogecoin’s price fell 30% in May 2021 after Musk’s appearance at Saturday Night Live.

25. The average daily trading volume for Dogecoin is $620 million

An average of $620 million worth of Dogecoin is traded every day, according to data from CoinMarketCap. The daily volume fluctuates with market activity and sentiment, with significantly higher volumes recorded during sell-off episodes as did in June and November 2022 after the collapse of Terra Luna and FTX respective

26. DOGE price has increased by over 87000% since 2015

Dogecoin’s early popularity did not see a major spike in its price, with the coin trading around $0.00008 in May 2015. However, helped by the recent bull market, the meme coin’s price is up over 87,800% since mid-2015.

Dogecoin community and social media statistics

27. 1 million people visited the Dogecoin website in the 30 days after its creation

Amid massive interest in Dogecoin and China’s ban on Bitcoin, many people looked at the newly created coin. Driven by the meme craze at the time, the official Dogecoin site saw well over one million visitors in just 30 days.

28. Dogecoin’s official Twitter account has 3.5 million followers

Dogecoin’s Twitter account opened in December 2013 has over 3.5 million followers. The Dogecoin global Twitter community is only behind Binance (over 9 million) Bitcoin (5.4 million) and Shiba Inu (over 3.6 million).

29. There were approximately 12,680 tweets per day about #Dogecoin in 2022

The hashtag #Dogecoin saw an average of about 12,680 tweets daily in 2022, according to social metrics data for the popular meme coin. The most engagement has been around the tweets of new Twitter owner Elon Musk, who has more than 117 million followers on the social media platform that he bought in late October 2022 for $44 billion.

30. Dogecoin has 2.4 million subscribers on Reddit

The Dogecoin Reddit channel was created on 8 December 2013. As of November 2022, the subreddit has over 2.4 million ‘Subshibers’. Dogecoin’s Reddit channel hit 19,000 subscribers after only 14 days of the meme coin’s launch.

31. Dogecoin’s Discord channel has over 34,400 members

The growth and popularity of DOGE exploded in 2020, with Elon Musk’s first support for the digital asset also increasing the number of Dogecoin’s Discord users. As of November 2022, the channel has 34,467 members.

32. There have been 30,900 Dogecoin posts on BitcoinTalk

BitcoinTalk is a cryptocurrency forum founded by Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. The forum is a major platform for blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem, with most projects announcing their development, upgrades and launch there. Dogecoin has seen over 30,900 such posts on the forum since 2013.


Dogecoin launched in 2013, with its creators tagging it a “joke cryptocurrency.” The meme coin has however weathered four bear markets and is currently one of top 10 crypto projects by market cap. There are now over 4 million people using Dogecoin, which is accepted by over 2,000 merchants and supported by 40 payment gateways.