Bitcoin Gemini Review 2023 - Is It Legit or a Scam?

By Saad Ullah - Updated 24 January 2022
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Crypto trading has been beneficial for many, with people using the fast-paced ups and downs in the market to multiply their money through profits. Crypto trading isn’t for everyone and this is where Bitcoin Gemini claims to come in handy, making trading a pleasurable experience by automating the trading process while users can enjoy the benefits of the profits made.

Bitcoin Gemini claims to achieve ultra-high profits by employing artificial intelligence to analyse trading data, trends and other metrics to achieve profit claims as high as 90%.

Who Created Bitcoin Gemini?

Bitcoin Gemini developers have so far selected not to reveal themselves. Apart from informing that they are experts in traditional and crypto investment, there is little known about them.

They do seem to be legitimate as they employ a network of regulated brokers, which would have avoided the Bitcoin Gemini team if there was anything wrong. Regulated and legally compliant brokers prefer to only partner with people and users who can prove their authenticity in order to avoid any legal issues.

Who Created Bitcoin Gemini?

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Gemini?


  • Friendly Interface: Bitcoin Gemini says the robot is designed to make it easy for anyone to understand its operations.
  • Try Before you Trade: A demo account is stated to be an option within the robot for users to experience how effective the trading algorithms are before committing any money.
  • Swift and Fast: The trading robot claims to detect a trading opportunity and execute it in 0.0001 of a second, staying ahead of the market.
  • Passive Income: Since Bitcoin Gemini claims to be fully automated, users can take the opportunity to let it trade for them and they can continue with their employment or business.
  • Low Deposit: Asking for only $250 to start trading, the robot offers to lower the entry barrier to high-profit trading.


  • No Profit Guarantee: Even with its claims of high profits, the Bitcoin Gemini website states that not all trades will result in profits and even can incur heavy losses.
  • Low Transparency: Bitcoin Gemini does not clarify how the trading opportunities will be assessed apart from using AI, different signals and market trends.

Key Features of Bitcoin Gemini

Bitcoin Gemini says that it offers more than just high profits. It claims a few features that make it even more feasible for people to use:


Bitcoin Gemini says that there are no limitations on payouts and its users can claim profits at any time. While this might be true, the underlying brokers who are making the trades with the deposits might set limits to this. Reviews of Bitcoin Gemini so far show no disgruntled users in this regard.

Verification System

As already informed, Bitcoin Gemini asks only for the user’ name, email address and a contact number to register. There is no other verification required by the robot, but the users are diverted to one of their partner brokers and since they are regulated ones, they will probably ask for documentation under their KYC and other rules.

Withdrawal Process

Bitcoin Gemini states that users are free to stop trading and withdraw their funds (including profits) at any given time by simply heading to the fund management section of the robot app and requesting a withdrawal. Depending on the method of transfer, the robot developers claim this can take roughly around an hour to process.

Costs and Fees

Stating that registration is free and without any annual charges, Bitcoin Gemini is an attractive opportunity. However, it does charge up to 10% on earnings made to cover brokers’ fees.

User Testimonials

A quick search reveals that a heavy majority of users have given positive reviews to the trading robot, claiming that they have been able to make significant profits with the help of Bitcoin Gemini.

Customer Services

Again, a search on Bitcoin Gemini shows that several users have left positive reviews on the customer services of the robot, with the people saying that the team behind Bitcoin Gemini are swift to help you with any issues, from setting up an account with a broker to withdrawals.

Affiliated Brokers

As a trading robot, Bitcoin Gemini claims only to detect profitable trading opportunities and passes on the information to its affiliated brokers. According to the robot page, only regulated brokers are used to avoid any legal ramifications to their users.

Is Bitcoin Gemini Legitimate?

Seeking out reviews from users who have had experience is one of the best ways to establish the legitimacy of any platform and the Trustpilot page dedicated to Bitcoin Gemini shows that more or less, users are happy with its services. There are a few negative reviews but nothing is 100% perfect. Even with the negative feedback, the total amount seems far too low for the robot to be a scam and as far as we can tell, it appears to be a legitimate service based on these ratings.

5 Reasons to Use Bitcoin Gemini for Trading

  • Trading for All

Bitcoin Gemini claims that since trades are fully automatic, users need not have any experience of the crypto market and anyone can take advantage of the robot’s trading decisions.

  • Free Services

Even though there is a charge on profits that need to be paid, the robot claims these are for the broker services and not Bitcoin Gemini itself. The robot is essentially a free service as far as its website states.

  • Round the Clock Trading

Bitcoin Gemini claims to be powered with an AI and that entails that the robot can continually trade without ever needing to take a break. 

  • Blazingly Fast

The same AI that makes Bitcoin Gemini work all day long is also claimed to be fast in analysing the market and making decisions in a fraction of a second, long before the larger market is capable of.

  • Multi-Lingual Support

Not all people can speak or understand English. Bitcoin Gemini says that its app is available in different major languages to make it easier for non-English speaking users.

What’s The Best Way to Use Bitcoin Gemini?

The claims of high profits by Bitcoin Gemini is attractive, but you should never solely rely on the robot for your earnings. Use it as a means of supplementing your income.

Even then, you should get to know the robot first. Register and check out their demo page to see if the robot fits your expectations. If you are comfortable, then only use the robot. With that said, the robot can come in handy if you do not understand how crypto derivatives such as CFDs work. 

Instead of spending time calculating the different and complex rules of the contracts, you can simply let the robot take care of the buying and selling, with you concerned with what you have gained.

Has Bitcoin Gemini Ever Appeared on TV?

Trading robots have piqued the interest of people all over the world, especially in the crypto sector due to their high volatility that can potentially turn into large profits. There are rumours of Bitcoin Gemini’s success making it on mainstream TV and we decided to check it out.

Dragons Den

Dragons, the hosts of the hit TV show Dragons Den, are known for their interest in high-profit ventures and are not unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies. There are rumours of Bitcoin Gemini being featured in Dragons Den but we have not found any evidence of this so far.

Fox News

From global news to financial markets, Fox News is a TV channel that routinely features crypto investments and products. We have been unable to find any mention of Bitcoin Gemini on Fox News though.

Has Bitcoin GeminiEver Been Endorsed by a Celebrity?

Famous people have been known to use their influence and endorse cryptocurrencies or service providers. There are also rumours of different celebrities backing Bitcoin Gemini and we checked out the most running of these rumours.

Gordon Ramsay

A star chef with many successful cooking shows, the internet is full of rumours that he has made a large portion of his wealth by investing in crypto. Many are even speculating that he has used the Bitcoin Gemini trading robot. We have searched long and hard and have come up with no evidence to support this.

Elon Musk

A maverick yet successful personality, Elon Musk is known for backing cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin at one time and Dogecoin. When we checked out rumours circulating the internet of the tech heavyweight endorsing or using Bitcoin Gemini for his profits, we found no evidence at all.

Richard Branson

Knighted for his efforts and running a vast business empire including the Virgin Group, many assume Sir Richard Branson has interests in the cryptocurrency sector. This has been leveraged many times by scammers to their advantage too. Bitcoin Gemini is a legitimate application and there is no incident of the team ever collaborating with Sir Richard at all.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is a worldwide phenomenon due to his creation of the Windows operating system. Though a tech-oriented person, he has never openly talked about cryptocurrencies and has never been affiliated with Bitcoin Gemini at all.

5 Ways you can Maximise Success with Bitcoin Gemini

Bitcoin Gemini claims to offer extremely high profits than possible with manual trading. The increased earnings come with a risk with equally intense chances of losses. However, this doesn’t mean there are methods through which the chances of losses can be mitigated.

Start Small

Baby steps are always advised. Deposit the minimum requirement and test the waters first. If you understand the risks and establish expectations, you can always increase your investment.

Save Some Profits

It can be tempting to withdraw profits if you experience the claims of Bitcoin Gemini come true. We would advise you to transfer a portion back to yourself and keep the rest within the robot app. This way you can reinvest faster.

Follow the Advice of the Experts

Even with claims of good profits, you shouldn’t rely on the trading robot alone. A strong AI and fast analytics may be good, but it still lacks the human element. Check out what the industry experts are saying to get an even picture and find out opportunities yourself.

Keep a Record for Tax Purposes

Unless you live in a tax-free jurisdiction, you will need to pay your obligations to the state. Bitcoin Gemini claims rapid buying and selling to generate profits and you might need to keep an eye on all trades made to ensure you are paying the right amount of tax.

Only Invest what you can Afford to Lose

People have lost large sums of money trading cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin Gemini doesn’t guarantee profits all the time either. Understand that you may lose all of your investments and only invest money you are willing to part ways with if things go south.

Our Conclusion: Bitcoin Gemini

Bitcoin Gemini seems to be a legitimate trading bot that has good reviews online from users, showing that the robot is apparently largely delivering on the profits it claims it can achieve.

If you are interested in learning about other trading robots, check out some of the other ones we have already covered in the past, such as Q Profit, Bitcoin Power and BitQH.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bitcoin Gemini safe?
Bitcoin Gemini says it uses the latest in SSL encryption and reputed brokers to ensure that only you have access to your funds.
Can I select my investment strategy?
While Bitcoin Gemini does say it will automate the complete investment system, it also claims to have an advanced interface to custom set your investments.
How many different cryptocurrencies can I invest in using Bitcoin Gemini?
Bitcoin Gemini states that it has 20 different crypto pairs and users can select any of these.
Can I select my own broker?
Bitcoin Gemini says that it automatically assigns a broker to new users. There is no harm in contacting the robot’s team though to ask.
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