Bitcoin Machine Review 2023 - Is It Legit or a Scam?

By Saad Ullah - Updated 24 January 2022
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Volatile assets may not be good for holding, but for traders, this creates opportunities to buy and sell to capture the differences in the prices and convert these into profits. Cryptocurrencies are a perfect example of how this can be done, given their greater than normal price fluctuations. While this gives significant chances for profit-taking, trading cryptocurrencies is not a cup of tea for many.

Bitcoin Machine is a trading robot that claims to make investing and trading in cryptos easy through its automated trading algorithm. The robot’s developers claim that their AI coupled with analysis of different market conditions gives their application an edge to make the best possible trades.

Who Created Bitcoin Machine?

Bitcoin Machine has been created by a group of finance and technical experts who say they came together after they realised that they can put their experience to advantage. According to the team, the result is a trading robot that apparently has higher than normal profit probabilities.

Who Created Bitcoin Machine?

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Machine?


  • Instant Sign Up: Registration is said to take only a few minutes. The verification process is claimed to be easy and requires no extra effort.
  • Low Entry Barrier: Bitcoin Machine asks for a low deposit of $250, making it feasible for small investors to enter the highly sought-after market.
  • Demo Trading: Bitcoin Machine says that users have the option of testing out the claims of the robot through a demo page before committing any money.
  • Truly Automated Trading: The robot is said to have no human involvement needed by the users as it conducts all buying and selling automatically using its broker network.
  • Friendly Interface: The developers state that there are no complex charts and graphs but only the option to enter the risk parameters.


  • Loss Chances: Though Bitcoin Machine claims high profits, it does state that losses can also occur and there is no guarantee of recovery.
  • Brokerage Charges: Bitcoin Machine is said to be free, but there is no clarity on any brokerage charges that a user might have to pay.
  • Transparency: With the trades happening at the broker end, Bitcoin Machine does not state how it will convey trade data to its users.

Key Features of Bitcoin Machine

Bitcoin Machine is just one of the hundreds (if not thousands) of crypto trading robots that can be found online today. Each one claims to be a better option than the rest. There are a few Bitcoin Machine’s claims that differ it from the rest:


Bitcoin Machine says it has no lower limit on the profits accrued before they can be credited to the users’ accounts. As far as we can tell, users are free to collect their profit from brokers and transfer it to their robot’s account. This however seems contradictory as brokers usually always have a minimum transfer amount to make the service financially feasible.

Verification System

The website states that user registration is fast, with a stated 30 minutes only needed to start trading. There is no detail on regulatory requirement steps such as KYC or AML checks, but it is very likely that the partner brokers (said to be regulated and registered ones) will have their own system of compliance in place.

Withdrawal Process

Bitcoin Machine says that users can withdraw their money and profits at any time of their choosing, with no minimum limit in place. The money can be transferred over in a variety of ways, including bank wires and cards.

Costs and Fees

The Bitcoin Machine page stresses that its services are practically free without any hidden fees or annual renewal charges. If there are any charges on the brokers’ side, there is no information available on it.

User Testimonials

User reviews online on different platforms show that nearly all users are happy with the robot’s services. With people stating that they have been able to make profits more than they would be able to with manual trading, Bitcoin Machine seems to do what it says.

Customer Services

Bitcoin Machine has a contact page on its website that directs all queries and comments from its users to their customer services. Looking back at the user testimonials, we found ample examples of how users were able to get their issues resolved on time.

Affiliated Brokers

As a robot, Bitcoin Machine does not make trades itself but uses a network of affiliated brokers that do the trading as per predictions of the AI. The brokers are regulated and legally compliant to ensure all trades are lawful.

Is Bitcoin Machine Legitimate?

Looking at the different reviews and testimonials available online by users of Bitcoin Machine, we find that a high majority is claiming to be happy with what services the robot is providing. A Trustpilot page dedicated to the robot has extremely good ratings.

With several reviews in the positive, with little to no negativity being discussed about the claims of Bitcoin Machine, it is safe to conclude that the crypto trading robot is a genuine service.

5 Reasons to Use Bitcoin Machine for Trading

  • For Experts and Newbies

Bitcoin Machine says that with its friendly interface and accurate prediction AI algorithm, everyone can utilise its services, even if they don’t have any experience in trading at all.

  • Free to Use

The team says on the website that the robot’s services carry no fees or any kind of hidden charges.

  • Rest Not Required

As per claims by the Bitcoin Machine website, the whole app is run by an AI and that means that it can continue to keep on trading without needing to stop for any rest.

  • Registered Brokers

Registered brokers are said to be used by Bitcoin Machine AI to execute trade orders. Registered brokers have safer services and financial protection than unregulated ones.

  • Market Edge

The AI is claimed to analyse the market conditions faster than other traders and gives an edge where trades are placed and executed even before the market can react to the changes.

What’s The Best Way to Use Bitcoin Machine?

Bitcoin Machine presents a unique opportunity to the public to jump into crypto trading and as per the claims, they can make large profits using very small amounts of investments. While this claim does sound to be true, there are two ways you can make the best of the trading robot.

First, do not rely on the trading robot as your primary means of income. Trading is volatile and Bitcoin Machine does say in its disclaimer that up to 70% of traders lose money. Use the robot as a means to supplement your income.

Secondly, if you have the risk capacity to use advanced trading options such as derivatives like CFDs and leverages, but find it a bit out of our league to understand, Bitcoin Machine is the perfect tool as (per its claims) it will do the trading using the contracts while you only invest.

Has Bitcoin Machine Ever Appeared on TV?

Crypto trading robots present profit-making opportunities that are significantly higher than normal and this has led to a flurry of interest in these robots. The internet is full of these robots making their way onto different TV channels as being mentioned or featured. We decided to check up on the rumours surrounding Bitcoin Machine

BBC News

BBC News is famous globally for its fair coverage and analysis of different financial institutions and the market, including cryptocurrencies. We found out that there are several discussion boards where people were talking about Bitcoin Machine being featured on the news channel due to its profit claims.

We have done extensive research and only found these to be rumours as there has never been a mention of the trading robot on the news channel.


A US channel with an international audience, we again found different discussion boards’ threads with talk of Bitcoin Machine making its way onto the TV channel.

Once again, we were unable to substantiate the claims.

Has Bitcoin Machine Ever Been Endorsed by a Celebrity?

Celebrities have a large influence in different industries, with their enigmatic personalities becoming a magnet of attraction and their star power is routinely used to promote products and services. Bitcoin Machine is also said to have a few famous personalities at its back, who have either said to use it for profits or endorse it.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk and cryptocurrencies are synonymous. The tech mogul has already made it clear that he is a pro-crypto personality, with him putting his weight behind Dogecoin. There are rumours that he has endorsed Bitcoin Machine and even maybe used it to trade in cryptocurrencies. We checked and have not been able to find any reliable sources that say he has any connection with the trading robot.

Logan Paul

One of the top YouTube personalities, Logan Paul is not only famous for his videos but his NFT sales at the start of this year. With an estimated $5 million worth of NFTs sold, he is rumoured to dabble in crypto trading too, taking the help of Bitcoin Machine. Unfortunately, the rumours are exactly that: just rumours.

Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson has dabbled in many different industries and investments. Virgin Group is one of his many companies that have an interest in travel, music, aerospace, hotels etc. Sir Branson is also known to take a keen interest in all technological developments worldwide. Our research shows Sir Branson has never used Bitcoin Machine.

Bill Gates

The founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, is a well-known personality. From the Windows OS to Azure cloud computing, Gates continues to invest in different technological sectors and industries. Though many have claimed he has endorsed the use of Bitcoin Machine, there is no evidence of him ever doing so.

5 Ways you can Maximise Success with Bitcoin Machine

Success is never had unless you take risks. Bitcoin Machine, where it says high profits are possible, also says that losses are also possible. But this doesn’t mean you cannot do anything about it. Here are a few tips on how to make sure you have a higher than normal success:

Start Small

Invest the smallest amount you can (in Bitcoin Machine’s case $250). This will help you determine how much you can actually make from Bitcoin Machine and when you are comfortable and have established proper expectations, you can increase the investment.

Save Some Profits

Spread your profits. Take some out of Bitcoin Machine and hold on to it as savings. For the rest, you can evaluate and either wait it out for an opportunity or reinvest it immediately.

Follow the Advice of the Experts

Bitcoin Machine states it is powered by an AI that makes calculated decisions. This means no market insight. You can cover this deficiency by keeping up with the big names in the crypto industry and trading arena. Read up on what they are saying to make better investment decisions.

Keep a Record for Tax Purposes

Big Brother will always ask you for his share in the shape of government taxes. While the trades are automated as per the claims of Bitcoin Machine, your taxes are not. A detailed record of how profits (or losses) are obtained can help you in filing property taxes and avoiding inconvenience later on.

Only Invest what you can Afford to Lose

Crypto trading is a high-risk activity with losses able to run deep. You can end up with your account balance at zero and avoid a financial crisis, only put in the amount of money that you know will not send you packing if lost.

Our Conclusion: Bitcoin Machine

Our research shows that claims made by Bitcoin Machine on its website are true to a very good degree. This is evident from different user reviews and testimonials we have found all over the internet. Though many people also have had negative things to say about Bitcoin Machine, nothing is perfect and in a volatile market like crypto trading, people are bound to vent their anger for losses.

All in all, Bitcoin Machine appears to be a fair and legitimate crypto trading robot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I withdraw my profits as cryptocurrencies?
No. Bitcoin Machine only allows fiat transfers.
How much of a profit can I make using Bitcoin Machine?
While this will depend on several factors such as your invested amount, risks set and the market condition, the developers claim as high as $1,500 per day.
How accurate are the predictions made by Bitcoin Machine AI?
According to different reviews, Bitcoin Machine is accurate more than 98% of the time.
I am having trouble with the verification process for registration.
You can seek out Bitcoin Machine’s customer services using their contact page.
Disclaimer: All testimonial photos are stock imagery and do not represent the people behind the feedback.