Dubai Lifestyle Review 2023 - Is It Legit or a Scam?

By Saad Ullah - Updated 05 April 2023
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Dubai Lifestyle is a crypto trading app that claims to offer people from all walks of life the benefit of getting into crypto buying and selling, even if they have no experience. The developers say on the website that the robot is able to help users trade better with its ability to analyse the market, thanks to the AI it uses.

With several crypto trading robots gracing the world today, we decided to check out Dubai Lifestyle and what its users are saying about it.

Who Created Dubai Lifestyle?

The Dubai Lifestyle team says that it is a group of financial experts and traders sharing years of experience between them. The website states that the team came together to bring about a change in the crypto trading industry by combining their expertise to create the robot. With claims of data-driven analysis, the robot is designed to enable trading with ease.

The creators of the robot also claim to be working closely with a network of reputable and regulated brokers to help execute trades based on signals. Partnering with regulated brokers shows the seriousness of the developers as these platforms only tend to work with genuine parties since they are answerable to authorities if they do not.

Who Created Dubai Lifestyle?

Pros & Cons of Dubai Lifestyle?


  • Autonomous trading: The robot can take over all trading decisions for the user.
  • Secure: SSL and other security measures are in place to ensure user funds are safe.
  • Leveraged trading: Higher exposure increases the amount of any profits made.
  • Demo trading: Users can use the demo feature to practise before live trading.


  • No app support: Only a web version is available.
  • Complexity: CFDs are complex and can be confusing for some traders.

Key Features of Dubai Lifestyle


It has been claimed by the robot’s creators that Dubai Lifestyle users are able to generate profits of $7,000 per day. After careful consideration, however, we believe a monumentally large deposit would be required to see anything like these profits.

Verification System

The verification of users is a simple process that is said to take only a few minutes after registration. A representative of the robot contacts new users and makes a quick verification to allow the users to trade immediately.

Withdrawal Process

The withdrawal is said to be as easy as making a deposit, with the user accessing the dashboard and placing a simple request. Withdrawals are apparently processed within 24 hours.

Costs and Fees

Dubai Lifestyle says on its website that there are no hidden charges and no annual fees. The registration is said to be free of cost.

User Testimonials

Testimonials, both on the Dubai Lifestyle website and TrustPilot, suggest that traders employing the robot are satisfied with its performance, with many claiming significant profits from using it. Even TrustPilot has an “excellent” rating for the trading robot, giving it 4.5 out of 5 possible stars.

Customer Service

Dubai Lifestyle says there is a dedicated team of customer representatives that are available round the clock. Users also have the option to use the web form on the website to make contact if they face any issues.

Affiliated Brokers

Since Dubai Lifestyle claims to be a robot that only analyses and makes predictions, it is unable to place trades directly. The bot developers say that they pass on the signals to respective brokers through APIs who then place the orders on their platform. The brokers are claimed to be regulated and reputable.

Is Dubai Lifestyle Legitimate?

Considering that a lot of people are happy with the services, claiming to make significant profits using the robot, Dubai Lifestyle appears to be doing what it is advertising. Coupled with the claim of using regulated brokers who have a reputation to maintain, the robot may be a legitimate service.

5 Reasons to Use Dubai Lifestyle

  • Interference-Free Trading

Dubai Lifestyle claims that users can give complete autonomy to the robot to trade on their behalf.

  • Fine-Grained Control

The website claims users can make small adjustments to the autonomy and strategy to suit their needs, from complete manual to fully automated trading.

  • AI-Powered

The AI is said to make a faster analysis, allowing crucial signals to be taken advantage of before the market can react.

  • Demo Trading

A mock trading scenario with live data can be used to check if a trading strategy is suitable. Once a user is happy with it and has made adjustments to the strategy, they can move to live trading.

  • Non-Stop Working

Dubai Lifestyle says that it is a robot and as such requires no rest. It can continue working all day and night, even when the user is occupied with something else.

What’s the Best Way to Use Dubai Lifestyle?

Inexperienced traders will find it much easier to use a robot than to get their heads around complex trading instruments such as CFDs. A robot can help them expand their trading knowledge and test out different strategies.

Robots also have something to offer more experienced traders who want to increase their margins by continuing to make profits while they sleep.

Has Dubai Lifestyle Ever Appeared on TV?

Shark Tank

A show where small enterprises and start-ups present their products in hopes of securing funds, Shark Tank is famous for investing in the most promising underdogs. We looked intensely at each episode but Dubai Lifestyle has not made an appearance on the show.

Dragons’ Den

The original show that inspired Shark Tank, Dragons’ Den works on a similar basis, with entrepreneurs and owners showcasing their achievements for funding. It was rumoured Dubai Lifestyle appeared on the show, securing a large amount of money for its expansion. However, neither the team behind the robot nor the robot itself has been talked about on the show.

Has Dubai Lifestyle Ever Been Endorsed by a Celebrity?

Elon Musk

Many discussion boards online are full of talk that Elon Musk has put his money behind the trading robot. Musk is already well known for his pro-crypto stance. However, our research shows that he has never backed or talked about Dubai Lifestyle.

Sir Richard Branson

A man well known for his investments in different industries and a positive stance on digital assets, Sir Richard Branson, the man behind the Virgin Group, was said to have endorsed Dubai Lifestyle. Unfortunately, this is not the case as he has never talked about the robot.

Bill Gates

Founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates keeps himself at the top of the technological game. It has been suggested by some that he amassed a fortune with the help of Dubai Lifestyle. We can confirm that this is not true and he has never invested in the trading robot.

Tim Cook

Taking over Apple after Steve Jobs, Tim Cook is also fond of technology. Several online discussion boards talk of how he has increased his wealth using Dubai Lifestyle. We have dived deep to look for any evidence of this and have come up empty-handed.

5 Ways you can Maximise Success with Dubai Lifestyle

It always pays to be cautious when trading, even if a robot is doing the trading for you. Here are some top tips to help you make the most out of your trading experience.

Start Small

Use the minimum deposit to your advantage and only put in $250. Do a bit of trading with only that money to see if you are satisfied with the robot’s performance. You can always invest more when you are confident it will yield profits.

Save Some Profits

When you do make profits, go on a shopping spree or reinvest everything you make. Rather, set aside a small portion. This way if you ever come across a situation requiring money, you will have some lying around.

Follow the Advice of Experts

Dubai Lifestyle is a robot and no matter how fast it is in making decisions, it quantifies data and cannot look at the quality of information. You can compensate for this by following industry leaders and experts to help you make better decisions.

Keep a Record for Tax Purposes

In the end, you will need to pay tax on whatever you earn. Having a complete record of all gains and losses will help you correctly report and pay your taxes so you can avoid penalties.

Only Invest what you can Afford to Lose

Mitigate your overall income risks by only trading an amount of money that, if lost, will not put you out on the street.

Our Conclusion: Dubai Lifestyle

Looking at the online reputation of the trading robot, especially the immensely positive feedback it has received from its users, it would seem that Dubai Lifestyle is able to use its claimed AI advantage and pass it on to its users who are said to be making a sizable fortune.

If you want to look at other crypto trading robot options, you can check out our other reviews, such as Bitcoin Prime, 1K Daily Profit, Yuan Pay Group and Bitcoin System.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Dubai Lifestyle on my mobile device?
Though Dubai Lifestyle does not have a dedicated mobile app, it can be accessed from any mobile internet browser for use on the go.
How quickly can I start trading with the robot?
Dubai Lifestyle claims that users can get started as soon as their initial deposit is made and the funds are transferred.
If Dubai Lifestyle is truly free, why is my broker taking a commission on the trades?
While the services of the trading robot are absolutely free, the partner brokers will have their own commissions. Check with the broker assigned to you to find out the exact percentage they take on trades.
Is there any limit to my trading through the robot?
Dubai LIfestyle imposes no upper or lower limit to trades, but brokers might require you to give more information on yourself under expanded KYC regulations before permitting you to do so.
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