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8 Best Base Meme Coins in 2024

By Onose Enaholo - Updated 24 June 2024
Fact Checked

The Base network is growing, and meme coins are growing along with it, providing an opportunity to interact with and celebrate the meme culture on Base and for investors to make money.

The Best Base meme coins have already returned pretty attractive gains for their investors, and with the bull run set to start soon, these coins could perform even better.

However, the crypto space is filled with scams, rug pulls, and traps waiting to relieve the novice investor of their funds. This is where our guide comes in.

We explore eight of the best Base meme coins that are not scams and could be potentially profitable for investors.

The Top Base Meme Coins to Invest in 2024

  1. Brett – Best Overal Base Meme Coin
  2. Degen – Best Social Layer 3 Meme Coin
  3. Normie – Best Undervalued Meme Coin
  4. Higher – Social Memecoin Community
  5. Toshi – Popular Memecoin with Potential
  6. Bunny – Wild Card Memecoin
  7. Coinye West – Best Artist-Inspired Base Meme Coin
  8. Doginme – Best Dog Base Meme Coin

The Best Base Meme Coins for Crypto Investors Compared

Base Meme Coin Current Price Market Cap Where to Buy Minimum Trade Size
Brett $0.0413 $339 million Buy BRETT None
Degen $0.0230 $369 million Buy DEGEN $10
Normie $0.0591 $57 million Buy NORMIE None
Higher $0.0340 $35 million Buy HIGHER None
Toshi $0.0003 $163 million Buy TOSHI None
Bunny $0.0039 $3.20 million Buy BUNNY None
Coinye West $0.0160 $16.20 million Buy COINYE None
Doginme $0.0002 $20.22 million Buy DOGINME None

Our Top 8 Base Chain Meme Coins Reviewed

1. Brett – Best Overall Base Meme Coin

Brett is the largest meme coin in the Base ecosystem with a market capitalisation of $349 million. It is the leading meme coin and a natural first choice for investors looking to get into the space.

Why invest in Brett?

Brett is in a sweet spot where its market capitalisation and daily trading volume are high enough for it to be taken seriously by investors but low enough to give room for growth.

Also, Brett has not been listed on major exchanges like Binance, which is known to be a positive catalyst for price growth.

Risks in Investing in Brett

Meme coins are not known for their utility because most do not have any. While Brett’s status as the major meme coin provides some insulation against being overtaken, the possibility still exists. Also, meme coins are great assets to have in a bull run but make for bad investments in bear markets.

BRETT has a total supply of 10 billion tokens, 8.4 billion of which are already in circulation. 85% of its supply has been locked in a liquidity pool for 365 days (starting Feb 26th), and the contracts have been renounced, which means it is safe from rug pulls and honey pots.

You can buy BRETT on exchanges like ByBit.

2. Degen – Best Social Layer 3 Meme Coin

Degen is a Layer 3 network built on Base that allows users to reward one another for creating high-quality content on the decentralised social media network Farcaster.

Why invest in Degen?

Degen is at the forefront of a new type of meme coin, one that is built around a product, community, or idea. In this case, it is around the decentralised social media network. Degen allows users to monetise their content while encouraging high-quality interactions.

Risks in investing in Degen

Degen is one of the first of its kind, at least on the Base network, and while social media is proven as a profitable business, there is no model for what they are doing that can be referred to, leaving room for mistakes.

The Degen network is powered by the DEGEN token, which has a total supply of 36.9 million tokens, 12.4 million of which are in circulation. It currently stands at a market cap of $369 million.

You can buy Degen on exchanges like Kucoin

3. Normie – Best Undervalued Meme Coin

Normie is a meme coin that taps into the strong narrative surrounding the Base network, that it is a network for ‘normies’, i.e., people who are not conversant with Web3 technologies.

Why invest in Normie?

Most meme coins depend on hype and narratives to grow; the stronger the hype/narrative, the better the chances of growth. One of the strongest narratives surrounding the Base chain is that it is the chain to onboard millions of users into Web3, and Normie adopts this.

By branding itself as the meme coin that will onboard 1,000,000 normies onto the Base chain, it taps into this narrative and positions itself for visibility and growth.

Risks in investing in Normie

Normie is entirely dependent on the normie narrative, which could be disastrous for its price if the narrative were to run out of steam, especially as the network onboards more people.

NORMIE has a maximum supply of 1 billion tokens, 975 million of which are currently in circulation at a market capitalisation of $57 million, leaving lots of room to grow.

You can buy NORMIE on some of the best decentralised exchanges, like Uniswap.

4.  Higher – Social Memecoin Community

Higher is another memecoin built around a product or service. Like Degen, it rewards social interactions on decentralised social applications like Farcaster and the Base Part app.

Why invest in Higher?

Higher, being a new project, has tremendous growth potential, especially if its financial model works, as social media will always be big business.

Risks in investing in Higher

Like Degen, Higher also runs the risk of using untested business models, which may require significant changes in the future, based on how well it works.

The Higher community is powered by the HIGHER token, which has a maximum supply of 1 billion tokens, all of which are in circulation.

5. Toshi – Popular Memecoin with Potential

Toshi is the most popular cat meme coin on Base, named after Brian Armstrong’s pet cat. It is also a platform that offers tools to help developers build projects and launch tokens on Base.

Why invest in Toshi?

Toshi has moved well beyond depending on hype for growth. While hype is still important (it is a meme coin, after all), the platform has expanded its utility by offering a token launcher, liquidity locker, launchpad, and other tools for developers to use to manage their projects’ tokens.

The meme coin also has a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) to vote on decisions for the ecosystem’s future.

Risks in investing in Toshi

While Toshi impresses with its suite of tools, NFT collection, and DAO, it is up against other projects that offer these services but are better funded.

TOSHI has a total supply of 420.6 million tokens, all of which are in circulation at a market capitalisation of $163 million. You can buy TOSHI on Uniswap.

6. Bunny – Wild Card Memecoin

Bunny or Based Bunny is a meme coin recently launched by a popular crypto community on Twitter. We consider it our wildcard because it has the potential to either perform pretty well or crash pretty hard.

Why invest in Bunny?

The main reason for investing in Bunny is its growth potential, price-wise. The token is new enough that most of the meme coin community hasn’t gotten in yet but old enough that the initial pump and dump seen in meme coins has already occurred.

Risks in investing in Bunny

Bunny is a wildcard play riding solely on the fact that its developers are the leaders of a well-known Twitter crypto community. This narrative may not be enough for a lasting price rise.

BUNNY has a maximum supply of 1 billion tokens, 90% of which has been locked in a liquidity pool. It trades at a market capitalisation of $3.2 million, which gives it room for tremendous growth compared to others’ market caps on this list.

7. Coinye West – Best Artist-Inspired Base Meme Coin

Coinye West is part of a group of meme coins that are built around celebrities and political figures. These coins are usually derivatives of the celebrities’ names and feature a likeness of the celebrity as the mascot.

Why invest in Coinye West?

Coinye West takes after a very successful American rapper and could attract investment from fans already in Web3 or looking for a step on point.

Risks in investing in Coinye West

Unlike coins that adopt animals like cats, dogs, and frogs (which most people can get behind), Coinye West is very niche. If investors do not like the rapper whom the coin takes after, they may be deterred from buying.

COINYE has a total supply of 1 billion tokens, 884 million of which are in circulation at a market capitalisation of $16.2 million, giving it much room to grow.

You can buy COINYE on Uniswap.

8. Doginme – Best Dog Base Meme Coin

Doginme is the first Dog meme coin on the Base network, born from a statement by the founder of Farcaster when asked if he had a Dog. He responded, “No, but I got that Dog in me”.

Why invest in Doginme?

Doginme is the first Dog meme on the Base network and could benefit from investors who wish to invest in Dog-based memes. Furthermore, it has locked its liquidity forever, does not charge buy taxes, and was fairly launched.

Risks in investing in Doginme

Doginme is not currently one of the top six meme coins on Base; while this could mean that there’s room for growth, it could also mean that there just isn’t enough interest to push it skyward.

DOGINME has a maximum supply of 67.2 billion tokens, all of which are in circulation at a market capitalisation of $20.22 million. You can buy DOGINME on Aerodrome Finance.

What are Base Meme Coins?

Base meme coins are tokens on the Base network built around popular pop culture references. Most of these references are unique to the crypto space but can also be related to outside events, like animals, political elections, countries, and traditional finance.

Memecoins started as a joke, a parody of “serious’ projects. The first meme coin was Dogecoin, built as a parody of the Bitcoin blockchain. To emphasise how much of a joke it was, the mascot of the Dogecoin chain, the Shiba Inu dog, was a popular internet meme.

However, meme coins became popular as memes became a part of internet social culture. Influential people like Elon Musk also helped legitimise memecoin by acknowledging them.

In Elon’s case, he made Dogecoin an accepted form of payment for merchandise in the Tesla online store (not for buying Tesla models).

Since then, various memecoins have risen and fallen, centred around humorous images.

Memecoins have undergone several iterations over the years. Most memecoins started as variations of dogs, specifically the Japanese Shiba Inu dog. However, as the years passed, other iterations, like those around the Pepe meme, arose.

Today, there are memes around dogs, cats, frogs, political figures, slots, and anything people can get behind.

Why Should I Invest in Base Chain Meme Coins?

Memecoins are Fun

Memecoin communities are usually very vibrant and energetic, and some of them go on to become billion-dollar communities that reward their earliest members. The example we mentioned above is good; Dogecoin became so popular that Elon allowed it to be used as a payment vehicle in the Tesla merchandise store.

High Profit Potential

Memecoins are popularly known for their tendency to increase exponentially in value within a short period; crypto history is filled with stories of “lucky” investors who made hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars by betting a few hundred dollars on a memecoin that performed extremely well.

Low Capital Requirement

A Bitcoin could cost as much as $65K, and an Ethereum cost as much as $3,000. While you can buy fractions of both coins, the high prices may deter newbie investors. Memecoins, on the other hand, usually cost a fraction of a dollar, which allows investors to pick up hundreds of thousands to millions of units with very little capital.

If memecoins perform well, you could end up with a small fortune, depending on how well they perform.

How Do I Find the Best Base Meme Coins to Invest in Now?

Be Active on Twitter

Crypto social media lives on Twitter (X). New coins are usually announced on Twitter before or after they are launched. However, novice or passive Twitter users usually only hear about meme coins after gaining popularity, which could easily be a top.

To get the information before anyone else, you need to follow specific accounts that are either insiders or connected enough to know when meme coins launch and which have a better chance of success.

To do this, use Twitter’s advanced search function on a recently successful memecoin and note the accounts that were the first to talk about the memecoin. Check those profiles for other memecoin calls and if those coins were successful.

If they were, you might have a good source of finding memecoins.

Use Onchain Tools

On-chain tools collect on-chain data (i.e. data about cryptos, buy/sell volumes, etc.) and make them available to people who know how to read them; the process is called on-chain analysis. While raw crypto data is complex, these tools simplify them by cleaning them and arranging them into structures that are easy to read.

You can start with tools like Dexscreener to keep tabs on new coins launched on various blockchain networks. Be prepared to sift through data, as these platforms often provide a steady stream of data that can overwhelm new users.

What Risks are Involved with Investing in Base Meme Coins?

Rug Pulls

Rug pulls are the number one risk of investing in meme coins on any chain. A rug pull is when the developers of a coin drain its liquidity pools on decentralised exchanges, leaving investors with worthless coins.

When developers launch a new coin, they usually create a liquidity pool on a decentralised exchange, like Uniswap, which contains the meme coin and an existing coin, like ETH or USDT.

The developers must provide the initial liquidity so investors can swap their USDT for the memecoin. If, at any point, the developers were to remove the liquidity from the pool, then all existing meme coins could not be swapped for USDT, making them worthless.

This doesn’t apply to memecoins on centralised exchanges because exchanges like Binance do due diligence to ensure that scam projects are not listed.

Honey Pots

A Honey Pot is a type of memecoin scam where nefarious developers include a function in a memecoin’s smart contract code that prevents investors who buy from selling. Honeypots are dangerous because they take advantage of memecoin’s hype culture.

Investors who buy memecoins do so because they believe they can sell at a higher price to those who buy after them. As such, they look at the ratio of buyers to sellers. By preventing people from selling, Honeypots create the illusion that everyone is buying, encouraging more people to buy.

More people buy because they believe other people are also buying, which increases the number of victims.

Pump and Dumps

Pump and dumps are not scams like Rug Pulls or Honeypots, but they can still leave investors with meme coins that have significantly lost value and may never rise again.

A pump and dump happens when a group of people with large capital buy up a significant supply of a meme coin, promote it online, and then sell when retail investors get in, using fresh funds from new investors as exit liquidity.

Are Meme Coins on Base Regulated?

In a single word: no. Base Meme coins are not regulated. By their nature, most meme coins never have any reason to interface with legacy finance institutions as they never venture outside the realm of humour and internet pop culture.

However, a new breed of memecoins built to provide some utility is emerging, which may lead to developments that will require regulation in the future. A good example is Floki, a meme coin that started with jokes and hype but now features a decentralised exchange, a coming metaverse, and even a prepaid card.

For the Base network, meme coins are not regulated.

The Best Ways to Find Upcoming Base Chain Projects

Be Early to the Ecosystem

Base is a growing network with new projects launching every day. One of the best ways to find upcoming projects (meme coins or otherwise) is to get involved in the ecosystem early. Being early, whether to join the Discord group, Telegram channel, or other social forums, places you shoulder-to-shoulder with insiders who tend to be early to other projects.

Identify Major Narratives

The crypto space follows certain narratives that determine where major investments flow. In 2021, the hot narratives were NFTs and the metaverse. In 2024, those narratives are AI and RWA.

Some projects stand as the “poster children” for every narrative. They receive the largest funding and usually grow to the highest market capitalisations. For AI, it is Fetch.ai; for Real World Assets (RWA), it is Ondo.

Identify major narratives, determine which projects are at the top in the space, and then check which ones are on Base.

Track VC-Backed Projects

Venture Capital firms do not usually invest in meme coins; however, they invest in more serious projects, and as such are a good way to track which projects stand better chances of success.

However, because a project has venture capital backing doesn’t automatically make it a suitable investment. VC flows are merely tools in your toolbox.

Where to Invest in the Best Base Chain Meme Coins

To buy Base tokens, you’ll need to sign up for an exchange. We used Coinbase because they built the Base network and, as such, may be faster in listing Base tokens than other exchanges.

1. Open an account

Navigate to the Coinbase website and open an account by clicking Sign Up. Choose the type of account you want, ideally an individual account for a person, and fill out the form with your email, name, and password.

2. Verify your account

Next, verify your account by submitting KYC documents like a government ID and proof of address documents like a utility bill.

3. Make a deposit

You can either deposit funds into your account or buy crypto directly. Depending on your location, the deposit option may not be available; hence, we went with buying crypto directly.

Where to Buy Base Meme Coins

Sometime, centralised exchanges do not list some memecoins, or they do not list them early enough to make significant gains. In these cases, you’ll have to go on-chain to buy them. Here’s how.

Step 1: Download a Wallet

You’ll need a decentralised crypto wallet to access Dexes and explore the Base ecosystem. There are several options available. We used the MetaMask wallet for this guide because it is one of the best cryptocurrency wallets. Navigate to the MetaMask site and download the wallet. You can get it on the Play Store or App Store.

Step 2: Buy Some Crypto

To get some crypto onto your MetaMask wallet, you can either buy on a centralised exchange like Coinbase and send it to your wallet address or buy crypto using a credit card directly on the MetaMask web interface. The wallet developers have made strides in integrating the wallet with payment providers.

Step 3: Connect Your Wallet

Navigate to a decentralised exchange like Aerodrome or Uniswap and search for your token using its name or its contract address. In our example, we connected to the Aerodrome Dex.

Step 4: Buy Crypto

Cryptos are swapped in pairs, similar to trading pairs on centralised exchanges. You’ll need one of the cryptos in the pair to swap for the crypto you want. In this case, we wanted AERO and we had USDC, so we swapped our USDC for AERO. It’s safe to hold USDC or ETH, as most tokens are paired against either.

Final Thoughts on the Best Base Chain Meme Coins to Invest In

We explored the best Base meme coins and chose Brett as our overall choice because of its popularity, its market capitalisation, which is high enough to make it a blue chip project but low enough to give room for growth, its liquidity ($42 million per day), and popularity on the Base network.

If you cannot buy Brett or prefer a less established memecoin with more growth potential, any of the seven other coins on our list are great options.

However, ensure you know the risks of investing in meme coins on Base (or any network). Check out our best altcoin exchanges list to find out the best exchanges to buy top Base chain memes coins.

Methodology - How We Picked the Top Base Meme Coins to Invest In

The cryptos covered in this guide were chosen through rigorous research. We paid attention to utility, reputation, community, and growth potential.

The tokens listed are the best we found in the various categories we listed them. For example, we listed Normie as the most undervalued memecoin because it is as popular as the top memecoin but with half the market capitalisation.

Check out our why trust us and how we test pages for more information on our testing process.


What are Base meme coins?
Base meme coins are meme coins that are lauched natively on the Base network and incorporate some themes around the network, although that is not a prerequisite. The fact that it is launched on Base is enough to make it a Base meme coin.
How do I buy Base meme coins?
You can buy Base meme coins on a centralised exchange like Coinbase or on-chain through a decentralised exchange like Aerodrome Finance.
How can I find the best Base meme coins to invest in?
All Base meme coins, including the best, are on-chain. You can use a decentralised exchange to get to them. To find them, you can use tools like DexScreener.
Are Base chain meme coins a risky investment?
Yes, Base memecoins are usually investments that could either go parabolic and make you a lot of money or dump and wipe your capital.