Caldera brings decentralized sequencing to OP stack with Espresso

Caldera brings decentralized sequencing to OP stack with Espresso

By Benson Toti - min read
  • Caldera developers can leverage Espresso Sequencer for greater scaling and decentralisation.
  • The rollup-as-a-service (RaaS) platform recently partnered with Manta Network and SupraOracles.

Caldera, a rollup-as-a-service (RaaS) platform, and blockchain infrastructure company Espresso Systems have announced a partnership that will see them work together towards enabling decentralized sequencing to the OP stack and Caldera chains.

The integration will also be key in allowing Caldera layer 2s to tap into the Espresso Sequencer to improve on scalability and interoperability. 

Caldera eyes greater scaling and decentralization

Sequencers are the nodes tasked with aggregating and ordering transactions as well as executing these transactions on the virtual machine. They are like validators in an L1 network ecosystem and thus crucial to the transaction process of a rollup network.

Layer 2 rollups that offer a scaling solution for Ethereum have one limitation – they rely on centralized sequencers that can be impacted by risks such as unreliability and censorship. The Espresso Sequencer offers the utility that not only allows for greater decentralization, but also high throughput, low latency transaction ordering and interoperability. This will help developers on Caldera, the team noted.

Through this partnership, developers building with Caldera will be able to deploy performant app-specific rollups that utilize the Espresso Sequencer for ordering and fast confirmations, bringing another layer of customizability to our modular stack that should enable teams to build their dream applications without compromises!” they wrote.

Developer teams will have the option of easily opting into the Espresso Sequencer, with this designed as a plug-in component of Caldera’s modular rollup stack.

The partnership with Espresso Systems comes a few days after Caldera partnered with Web3 privacy hub Manta Network. The platforms are collaborating on a project that targets an L2 EVM execution layer for zero-knowledge applications.

Earlier this month, Caldera integrated blockchain oracles service SupraOracles to bring price feeds and VRF to Caldera.