Eluvio launches blockchain streaming and ticketing platform

Eluvio launches blockchain streaming and ticketing platform

By Alice Leetham - min read

The platform will allow low latency streaming to a range of devices and artists will be able to monetise their content

Eluvio, a company which develops software for managing multimedia content on the web, yesterday announced the launch of Eluvio LIVE, a blockchain-based platform for streaming and ticketing.

It’s built upon the patented Eluvio Content Fabric, which has been used by mobile streaming providers, FOX Networks and MGM Studios since its launch in 2019 and represents the first scalable premium video distribution network to be based on blockchain.

Eluvio LIVE leverages the Content Fabric’s technology to provide low latency streaming of content across mobiles, browsers, AppleTV and Roku that’s completely controlled by the artists and publishers. Copying and illegal redistribution are automatically prevented by the built-in encryption and digital rights management.

CEO and Co-founder of Eluvio, Michelle Munson, explained, “The global shift towards streaming live events, necessitated by the pandemic, will become a permanent way to amplify in-person performances when they return, and the opportunity for artists to control their content destiny via blockchain technology has come together in a unique moment. Eluvio LIVE will enable these ‘multi-experiential’ viewing opportunities to reach beyond the confines of physical venues, and unlock the ability of artists and publishers to continually monetize their content.”

Artists will be able to customise ticket access by time windows, audience geography or ticket class and create tiered ticket options such as rewatch rights, premium viewing experiences and exclusive content. They can also access aggregated audience statistics.

Paramax Films will be filming and producing the first series of major concerts to be featured on Eluvio LIVE. Amos Rozenberg, CEO of Paramax Films, commented, “Today’s artists and producers critically need a platform they can control, that is both high quality and scalable, and more versatile and profitable to distribute and monetize their performances, and Eluvio LIVE is a breakthrough on all of those fronts.”

The use of blockchain technology means content is distributed faster and at lower cost. It also allows artists to mint non-fungible tokens (NFTs) such as images, clips, films, songs or access to in-person exclusive experiences. These and other merchandise options could be embedded in ticket purchases or interactive ‘hotspots’ that fans can click to buy during the event.

Eluvio just took part in SXSW Online 2021 as a featured partner, and at the end of this month, Munson and Rozenberg will discuss Eluvio LIVE at the Music Week Tech Summit.