IEO presale launched for virtual reality built on blockchain

IEO presale launched for virtual reality built on blockchain

By Alice Leetham - min read
People developing a business project with virtual reality

A Prague-based virtual reality company, which connects all virtual reality platforms, has announced the pre-sale of its native cryptocurrency

Czech virtual reality company, Victoria VR, announced their plans in a press release over the weekend. Victoria VR, with its innovative approaches and photorealistic graphics, heralds a virtual revolution as it plays a unique role by connecting all virtual reality platforms.

During the current pandemic and subsequent lockdown and economic crisis, companies, gamers and ordinary people alike are finding more value in and more need of photorealistic virtual reality. Whether it’s taking part in school lessons from home, participating in a business meeting held abroad or enjoying a theatre performance with millions from around the world, there’s no doubt that VR offers a novel and safe solution. Indeed, the VR market is already flourishing, with Victoria VR suggesting it could exceed $70 billion by 2024.

Victoria VR is a Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) virtual world built on the blockchain which uses the Unreal Engine for development. Users can build projects and applications, create unique assets, trade lands, complete tasks and play games. They can also mine the Victoria VR cryptocurrency by their activity in the virtual world.

The Victoria VR world is a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO), meaning its users fully own the world and create the rules. All the assets of the world are registered on the public blockchain.

The principal currency of Victoria VR is VR, an ERC-20 token that serves as a reward for active users and stakers. The token has a total supply of 168 billion, with 78 billion currently available for pre-sale as an initial exchange offering (IEO). The pre-sale ends on 16 March, following which, the token will be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges including the DEXFIN Exchange on 18 March.

The token can also be staked to create a passive income, simply by holding it at the DEXFIN Exchange. VR provides staking returns of 20% per year.

Victoria VR offers new business opportunities as it presents novel ways of trading. Prices of popular cryptocurrencies, graphs, indicators, social networks and other useful information can all be monitored at once when trading in virtual reality.