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Bitcoin Motion Review 2022 - Is It Worth It?

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Author: Saad Ullah

Trading robots such as Bitcoin Motion offer high-frequency crypto trading, with buy and sell orders determined through the use of advanced AI and machine learning. This provides people with a unique opportunity to jump onto the crypto bandwagon without the need to worry or learn how to make actual trades.

Bitcoin Motion is one of many trading robots available today, but not all of them are legitimate. That’s why we’ve provided this review of Bitcoin Motion—to investigate its technology and service and get to the truth about this crypto trading bot. 

What is Bitcoin Motion?

Bitcoin Motion offers an automated system where all the trades are taken care of by the robot so users have more time to go about their normal lives. What sets Bitcoin Motion apart from many of its competitors is its claimed implementation of artificial intelligence, which its website says helps determine profit opportunities faster than others can.

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Who Created Bitcoin Motion?

A thorough look at the Bitcoin Motion website reveals nothing much about the creators such as who they are or how they were inspired to create a trading bot that can apparently achieve 99.4% accuracy and performance.

On the other hand, several reputable brokers are partnered with Bitcoin Motion. The use of reputable and regulated brokers could reflect the legitimacy of the trading bot, as these brokers would not risk their reputation by working with scams.

Start Trading in 3 easy steps

1. Open a Free Account

The Bitcoin Motion website states that its trading bot services are absolutely free. All users have to do is enter basic information about themselves, such as their name, a registered email address, and a contact number. An accounts manager will then contact and guide you through the registration process. After completion, the user will be able to access their trading dashboard.

2. Make a Deposit

Enabling users to begin their crypto journey with only €250, Bitcoin Motion claims to have a lower deposit value than its competitors. While the amount does seem fairly low, there is no information available on the robot’s website pertaining to what methods of payments are accepted, so it is difficult to determine how much any transactional fee associated with the requested deposit will be.

3. Start Trading

The Bitcoin Motion website claims that users can instantly start trading as soon as their deposits are made. According to the developers, spending just a few minutes a day to keep an eye on the trading bot is enough to make profits, with longer times leading to higher profits of up to €2,000 a day. While this may seem too good to be true, if the accuracy level of the bot is to be believed, this might just be possible.

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Pros & Cons of Bitcoin Motion?


Fast sign-up process: Only a minute is required to get through the initial sign-up.
Military-grade encryption: Bitcoin Motion claims to use the latest AES-256 encryption, offering the highest level of security.
Demo account: For newcomers who would like to gain exposure without risking their own money, a demo service is available for them to practise on.
Instant withdrawals: There is no limit on withdrawals, with users free to transfer their profits and investment whenever they feel like it.
Wide range of coins: Bitcoin Motion has an extensive list of trading pairs. This allows any user to invest in their favourite token or create a healthy spread of their crypto portfolio.


Chance of losses: While profits are claimed, there is no guarantee that every trade executed will be profitable and using the bot can lead to extensive losses.
Fee: While there are no sign-up or annual charges, the Bitcoin Motion website does state that a small percentage of profits are kept by the platform to fund its operations and pay for the accounts manager’s expenses.

Key Features of Bitcoin Motion


Bitcoin Motion claims to achieve more than 99% accuracy, with a success rate of 85% on trades. As trades can also be leveraged, this could lead to some pretty hefty payouts, with Bitcoin Motion claiming profits as high as €2,000 per day. However, these figures are unusually high and based on our research, we believe this level of profit would be difficult to achieve for most users.

Verification System

Bitcoin Motion claims on its website that registration takes only a few minutes and then users can deposit their initial investment. A dedicated accounts manager is also said to be available to walk you through the rest of the registration, speeding up the process. There are no specifics provided on KYC or AML checks and it can be assumed that there might be some sort of a check as the robot only uses regulated brokers.

Withdrawal Process

Though there is no mention of supported methods, the Bitcoin Motion website states that users of the trading bot can cash out their profits and investment at any time. There is no accrual limit, meaning that even small profits earned can be withdrawn. User testimonials on the Bitcoin Motion website seem to support this.

Costs and Fees

Bitcoin Motion says multiple times on its website that there are no charges associated with signing up or using its services, not even an annual fee. This makes using the trading robot practically free of cost. However, it does mention that they take a small percentage of users’ profits to cover their costs and pay the accounts manager fee.

User Testimonials

User reviews on the Bitcoin Motion website itself and elsewhere online show that users are more or less happy with the profitability they can achieve using the crypto trading robot. While the profits may not be as high as claimed, testimonials appear to show customer satisfaction.

Customer Service

Good customer service is a crucial part of any successful business. Bitcoin Motion doesn’t provide a dedicated contact number and there is no helpline or email mentioned on the website, but customer service is provided through users being assigned personal accounts managers who are available to deal with any issues that may arise.

Affiliated Brokers

Since Bitcoin Motion is a trading robot, it cannot make trades directly on a user’s behalf and uses a network of accounts managers and affiliated brokers who take information gleaned from the AI’s analysis and then execute the trades. The brokers affiliated with Bitcoin Motion are reputable and regulated.

Is Bitcoin Motion Legitimate?

A glance at the different reviews, both on the Bitcoin Motion website and from online research, appears to reveal that a majority of its users are more than satisfied with the performance of the trading robot. There are a few disgruntled users online, but with such low quantity, this can possibly be chalked up to the volatile nature of cryptocurrency trading. Overall, Bitcoin Motion appears to be a safe way to multiply your crypto assets and profitability.

5 Reasons to Use Bitcoin Motion

For All to Use

Bitcoin Motion says that anyone can sign up for its services and as such, has no jurisdiction limits. This also extends to people who are experienced and newcomers to the crypto trading arena.

Beating the Market

The trading robot website claims that the use of AI gives it an edge. This small edge of 0.01 seconds is all that it says it needs to give signals to its brokers to make trades and beat the market in general.

24/7 Trading

As a computer code that can run indefinitely, Bitcoin Motion requires no rest. This comes in handy as the crypto market also never sleeps. The user can therefore sleep soundly at night and the robot will continue to find profitable opportunities and trade them.

Regulated Brokers

Using regulated brokers for the actual trading gives users an advantage and peace of mind that their money is in good hands. Regulated brokers are a safer option than unregulated ones.

Demo Account

For people who might be sceptical or want to personally experience the performance of the trading robot, it offers a demo account where they can make dummy trades without investing any money.

What’s the Best Way to Use Bitcoin Motion?

Bitcoin Motion offers a novel way for people from all walks of life to kick off their crypto trading profits. With the high profit margins alleged, this could be an excellent opportunity for the public, especially given that the trading robot does not require a huge monetary commitment. When a trading robot is used wisely, it can help an experienced trader improve their efficiency, while helping new traders to learn the ropes, as watching a robot trade for you is much easier than learning to use complicated instruments such as contracts for difference (CFDs).

Has Bitcoin Motion Ever Appeared on TV?

Dragons’ Den

A show famous for funding upcoming and profitable endeavours, there have been rumours far and wide that some of the Dragons have a keen interest in crypto trading robots and have invested significant money in them. While this may or may not be true, we have been unable to find specific mention of Bitcoin Motion on the show.

Shark Tank

The American equivalent of Dragons’ Den, the rumours have extended to this show too, and similar to Dragons’ Den, there is no evidence that any of the hosts have invested in Bitcoin Motion.

Has Bitcoin Motion Ever Been Endorsed by a Celebrity?

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is not unknown when it comes to Bitcoin or Dogecoin and there are talks online that he makes his crypto earnings using trading robots. We extensively checked online but there is no substantial evidence that he uses Bitcoin Motion

Sir Richard Branson

The power behind the Virgin Group, Sir Richard Branson has delved into many different industries such as aerospace, entertainment, and hotels. With a keen interest in technologies, it stands to reason he might use a trading bot. We have been unable to find any mention of Bitcoin Motion being used by him though.

Bill Gates

From a garage office to one of the most technical firms in the world, Bill Gates is famous for investing in different technology sectors. There are rumours of him using Bitcoin Motion to make money by trading cryptocurrencies, but the rumours appear to be unfounded based on our investigation.

Mark Zuckerberg

Creator of the largest social media empire, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook is working feverishly in the crypto sector, especially to launch its own Diem token. People have been suggesting online that he has exposure to Bitcoin Motion and that is got him into crypto trading. As far as we can find, there is no indication that Zuckerberg has ever used the trading robot.

5 Ways you can Maximise Success with Bitcoin Motion

Bitcoin Motion claims to provide users with high profits, but that doesn’t mean that people should simply rely on the trading robot. With some prudent decisions, you can reduce the chances of making a loss.

Start Small

Invest the minimum €250 initially and see if things pan out for you. Once you are confident that the robot is the right move for you, you can increase your investments gradually.

Save Some Profits

Don’t put all of your profits back into the robot. Withdraw at least some of your profits to your bank account, although can also leave a portion of profits in your trading account to gradually build your trading capital.

Follow the Advice of Experts

Bitcoin Motion is AI-powered and lacks the human touch. Follow industry leaders to know what is going on in the crypto sphere and use this to your advantage.

Keep a Record for Tax Purposes

You will need to declare taxes on your earnings and having a detailed record of all transactions, profits, and losses will help you avoid a headache later on.

Only Invest you can Afford to Lose

Cryptos are highly volatile and where there are winners, there are also losers. Invest only the amount you can part with and definitely don’t risk going bankrupt.

Our Conclusion: Bitcoin Motion

We have done extensive research into Bitcoin Motion and while its claims of huge profits and high success rates appear to be outlandish, the testimonials of numerous users appear to show customer satisfaction. While there are some disappointed users, losses are a part of any venture. The small number of people that are not happy suggests that overall, Bitcoin Motion is a robot worth looking into. 

If you are interested, you can check other crypto trading robots we have covered in the past, such as Bitcoin Machine, Q Profit and Yuan Pay Group.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. This mostly depends on your invested amount and the time you spend. Bitcoin Motion claims users make as much as €2,000 daily, but this would be very difficult to achieve without a huge investment.

  2. Although there is no dedicated mobile app, users can still access the service through a mobile web browser.

  3. Yes, Bitcoin Motion displays the results of some of its patrons on its website.

  4. You can sign up on the Bitcoin Motion website, and an accounts manager will contact you who can answer your queries.

Disclaimer: All testimonial photos are stock imagery and do not represent the people behind the feedback.

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