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Bitcoin Aussie System Review

Bitcoin is around a decade old, but the digital currency still seems like a mystery. The biggest mystery about the coin is that more people are finding ways of exploiting it on their way to earning a comfortable income. It is happening even after the digital currency's value suffered greatly during the 2018's great rout. 

The cryptocurrency market is increasingly stabilizing, but that is not to wish away the inherent volatility. With the stability comes the urge by more people to join the band of investors intending to cash on the market’s strength. Presently, there is a lot of talk in the lines of Bitcoin, taking over the US dollar role as the supreme currency of the global economy.

From the foregoing, interest in Bitcoin and other altcoins is building, and so is the desire to use the currency as the ladder to financial independence. Interestingly, talk of the currency enabling this transition is rife. Enthusiasts do not fail to mention the role of automated trading systems such as Bitcoin Aussie Systemin aiding this transition.

However, one cannot readily find information on these systems to establish if their claims pass muster. This review, therefore, is an endeavour to inform our readers about the Bitcoin Aussie System. Our rigorous analysis aims to ensure that the Bitcoin Aussie System comes up to scratch.

What is the Bitcoin Aussie System?

Bitcoin Aussie System is a cryptocurrency trading software that targets all categories of traders. Primarily, the system is intended for cryptocurrency enthusiasts who would like to automate much of their activities. However, it also allows users to trade manually. With the Bitcoin Aussie System, users can test their trading strategies as well as their analyses. Powerful algorithms built into the software perform millions of operations to render the best trading opportunities for the user to exploit.

Features & Functionality

Authenticity - 27%
Performance - 11%
Ease of use - 20%
Customer service - 16%
App - 27%
Profitability - 30%
Reputation - 11%
Fast withdrawals - 19%
Security - 13%
User testimonials - 21%

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Whos behind

Who created the Bitcoin Aussie System?

Jasper Boyle created the Bitcoin Aussie System in 2016. Boyle hails from Australia, where he operates as a professional computer developer. He is an interesting mix of tech-savvy and cryptocurrency enthusiasts; which is the definition of the majority of founders of many crypto-based projects.

According to the publicly available information, Boyle's motivation behind the Bitcoin Aussie System sprung from years of observing the volatile ecosystem of Bitcoin and other Altcoins. If one could predict the price of digital currency, one could rip considerable sums in profit from a single trade, according to Boyle. As such, the Bitcoin Aussie System is simply an automated system that studies the volatile market of cryptocurrencies intending to predict the most likely direction of the price action of an asset. 

Start Trading in 3 easy steps

Open a Free Account

Enter the first name and a working email address and then click the “Get Started Now!” button and fill out their form.

Make a Deposit

The platform has a “Deposit Funds” button that redirects to a secure page where you can fund your account.

Start Trading

Once the funds reflect in your wallet, the trading platform self-activates, and you can go ahead and enter your first position.

What People Are Saying About Bitcoin Aussie System

Photo of Ewan Dean

I am an old guard that has seen technology and the internet grow from fantasy for half-crazed individuals into the colossus it is today. However, I have to admit that cryptocurrency surpasses all the wonders I have witnessed. So, when I wanted to try my hand at crypto trading, my son-in-law pointed me to Bitcoin Aussie System. I have never looked back ever since. What else would I wish for when this software gives me enough money in a week that makes a mockery of my monthly paycheck?

- Ewan Dean
Photo of Armani Lowery

Bitcoin Aussie is the fifth software that I am using this year. However, I have to say with all honesty that this is the real deal! The previous four software could not earn even a tenth of what Bitcoin Aussie System gives me. Last month I earned so much, and I am still in shock.

- Armani Lowery
Photo of Dorothea Kreutzberg

I am a nurse, and I barely have time to put my savings in the right assets. The last time I tried forex, I was margin-called almost instantly. Since I signed on the Bitcoin Aussie System platform, I have forgiven all mistakes I made earlier because the returns have covered all the losses I made. Now I call myself a Bitcoin Nurse, all thanks to you people at Bitcoin Aussie System!

- Dorothea Kreutzberg
Photo of Benjamin Webb

Just a month ago, I bumped into the Bitcoin Aussie System while idly browsing through the internet. At first, I dismissed the idea of opening an account because scams are many these days. On second thought, I went ahead and registered, deposited $250, and entered my first position. I am not sure if I will ever recover from the shock I got when I checked my returns two days later!

- Benjamin Webb

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Pros & Cons


Bitcoin Aussie System’s interface is easy to use
Account registration is easy and fast
Bitcoin Aussie System has a comprehensive data protection policy for the safety of user data
No fees and commissions, as well as hidden charges
No fees and commissions, as well as hidden charges
Users can deposit and withdraw funds easily without long-winded procedures
The platform is dedicated to crypto-trading hence offers the best possible crypto-trading experience


Inaccessible across devices
Some rival software have smaller minimum deposits

Key Features of Bitcoin Aussie System


In a bold claim, Bitcoin Aussie System declares that users can earn more than $1,500 returns daily. From our perspective, the software is certainly capable of such returns but for users who have sufficient experience with the platform. Besides, we believe that this kind of return is only possible when the user stakes adequate funds in a trade.

Verification System

Prospective users start their journey on the Bitcoin Aussie System by providing their first name and a valid and active email address. Once in, the system asks for the second name, the region of residence, and a password for your account. All information entered, Bitcoin Aussie System, will connect you to the best and nearest broker in your region. For cautious traders, this is enough proof that BAS wants to work with people it can trust. Similarly, the verification system ensures that only legitimate people trade on the platform. Besides, the process takes less than five minutes to complete. 

Withdrawal Process

Bitcoin Aussie System does not have restrictions on withdrawals. Also, the platform integrates secure payment providers such as Trustwave, Neteller, MasterCard, VISA, and more. The withdrawal process is as easy as tapping a button and specifying the amount you want. The time between withdrawal and receipt depends on the payment provider, but it is typically within three business days.  

Costs and Fees

It pains when you see your returns truncated by unnecessary charges and deductions, especially when trading in a highly risky market like cryptocurrency. Luckily, for Bitcoin Aussie System users, there are neither commissions nor fees on the platform. In addition, users do not pay for being referred to a cryptocurrency broker. 

User Testimonials

From the testimonials posted on the Bitcoin Aussie System’s website, the platform passes muster. One user claims that returns from the platform have enabled him to pay off all his debts. By and large, the testimonials paint a rosy picture of this product. 

Customer Service

Bitcoin Aussie System has three main channels for client-support communication. Through an active phone number, support makes frequent calls to monitor the progress and welfare of clients. Also, the BAS team has an active email address and a contact form that pops up when you click the “Contact Us” tab. 

Affiliated Brokers

Bitcoin Aussie System works in concert with many brokers from almost every country in the world. During account registration, a user must specify the country of residence so that the platform can connect him/her with a suitable broker. In our investigation, BAS referred us to two brokers from which we would pick our favourite. In some countries, there is only one broker available for connection.  

Is the Bitcoin Aussie System Legitimate? Yes.

New users usually have a nagging fear concerning new software, especially in an era when swindles are the order of the day. No one will tell you this, but conscientiousness always pays. Fortuitously, our review found that Bitcoin Aussie System is legitimate automated cryptocurrency trading software. 

Firstly, the platform has legitimate contacts that were working during our investigation. The team has agents on the other end of the line both in the case of the mobile contact and in the case of the email. We were able to get feedback on our queries within 24 hours. Non-legitimate software will not even have contact avenues; if they are there, they are most likely inactive.

The website claims $1,500 can be made each day, but we believe that this sum is demonstrative of the maximum potential of the robot. Those investing with the minimum required amount could still earn a decent passive income, but may struggle to achieve such an amount. 

Furthermore, we checked if the brokers affiliated with Bitcoin Aussie System were legit. We hypothesized that illegitimate software works with non-existent brokers that have questionable credentials. However, we established that all brokers affiliated with BAS are regulated and have legitimate location addresses and contacts.

5 Reasons to Use Bitcoin Aussie System for Trading

You can trust the platform

Trust is an essential commodity in the cryptocurrency market. Some bad actors have taken advantage of the decentralised nature of the ecosystem to swindle unsuspecting enthusiasts. On this issue, the Bitcoin Aussie System checks out. Particularly, the platform has legitimate contacts with which you can converse with support. Besides, all the affiliated brokers have the proper licenses, and they all have a good reputation.

An easy to use interface

The Bitcoin Aussie System platform incorporates the easiest to understand features. Specifically, the structure of the UI does not require technical/specialised skills for proper use. Additionally, the setup process does not involve convoluted activities that might complicate usage. All you need is to click marked buttons as they appear.

Seamless deposits and withdrawals

Our review of the Bitcoin Aussie System established that the platform does not have limits on how much money you can withdraw. In addition, the platform does not limit the number of times you can withdraw funds in a day. The depositing process is also seamless and not long-winded. In particular, the platform supports the most convenient payment providers that are available all over the world. We established that the withdrawal and deposit processes are free of charge and do not attract any commission. 

The platform is secure

We established that the Bitcoin Aussie System has robust encryptions to protect the users. Also, the platform’s data protection policy is comprehensive, and it is in line with Europe’s GDPR and US data protection regulations.

A responsive customer service

Users can reach Bitcoin Aussie System support via mail, telephone, and using the contact form on their website. The beauty of the platform is that all these communications avenues are active, and support responds in a reasonable time. Besides, the website includes a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) for the sake of user information. 

What Is The Best Way To Use The Bitcoin Aussie System?

The best way to use Bitcoin Aussie System is to know every bit of detail of how the platform works. Although it suffices to know the basics of navigation and programming of parameters, you are better off knowing how to use the platform to test a trading strategy. The platform has many unique features that might be of great use if mastered. 

Another best way to use the software is by remaining active even after automating your activities. As earlier noted, the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile such that the market could turn against your position in a flash. Therefore, you need to be on hand to adjust the parameters to avoid an unnecessary loss. 

Has the Bitcoin Aussie System Ever Appeared on TV?

Numerous cryptocurrency trading robots are being developed daily because of their growing popularity. The resulting competition is pushing many developers to seek publicity by appearing on TV shows to promote them. Others appear on TV shows to seek seed capital to grow their ideas further. 

West Texas Investors Club

West Texas Investors Club is a reality TV show that welcomes ambitious entrepreneurs across the United States to display their innovative ideas. The judges, Mike McConaughey and Wayne Gilliam weigh the ideas and give funding to winners. The TV show is popular for its competitiveness and for the many groundbreaking concepts that have graced its audience. Although the Bitcoin Aussie System measures up to the weight of the ideas that have appeared on the West Texas Investors Club, we could not establish whether it has ever appeared on the TV show.

Dragons Den

This show invites budding entrepreneurs whom its judges grill after a three-minute pitch for their business idea. The judges ask difficult questions to which entrepreneurs must provide satisfactory answers if they are to secure funding. We could not confirm if Jasper Boyle has appeared on the TV show to pitch Bitcoin Aussie System.

Has Bitcoin Aussie System Ever Been Endorsed by a Celebrity?

Our research on the internet encountered claims that certain celebrities have endorsed Bitcoin Aussie System. We set out to find the truth in these claims.

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss

The Winklevoss brothers are among the most notable figures that have direct involvement in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. These twin-brothers were among the first celebrities to invest in Bitcoin in 2013, after which they reaped millions of dollars. In our research, however, no information could confirm that the Winklevoss has endorsed the Bitcoin Aussie System.

John McAfee

Though John McAfee is one of the most controversial American characters, he is an accomplished technology entrepreneur. John is an authority in matters technology, being the founder of McAfee, computer security, cloud and endpoint solutions, and Software Company. McAfee is outspoken, and one will not be surprised if he supports the Bitcoin Aussie System. However, we could not obtain any information in support of this claim. 

Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is a renowned investor who once advised his legion of followers to invest in Bitcoin. Himself he has never shied away from declaring the supremacy of Bitcoin over fiat currency. Cuban supports innovative ideas, and he has spoken publicly in favour of cryptocurrency trading as the modern-day ladder to financial freedom. Our research could not obtain any solid piece of information that shows Mark Cuban favouring the Bitcoin Aussie System.

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather is not only a world-renowned boxer but also a confessed Mr. Moneybags. Mayweather has appeared on social media on numerous occasions flaunting his money and praising cryptocurrency as the next big thing. Typically, anyone would want to look in the direction that Mr. Moneybags points. Unfortunately, we could not identify any solid information that proves Mayweather has ever filed his followers towards the Bitcoin Aussie System. 

5 Ways You Can Maximise Success with Bitcoin Aussie System

The allure of Bitcoin trading is strong because of the anticipated returns. Many people who entered the market at its dawn earned good returns because of the meteoric expansion of the value of many cryptocurrencies. Nonetheless, this does not preclude the fact that cryptocurrency trading is as risky as any CFDs trading. This section details five steps that should help you to minimise risk and live the dream:

Begin with a small stake

Bitcoin Aussie System specifies $250 as the minimum deposit for users. With this deposit, the platform claims that a user can make up to $1,500 a day. It means you could earn a bigger daily return if you staked a higher sum, right? This logic will not be flawed if you have sufficient experience with the platform. However, you are better off with a small deposit to get a feel of the platform. 

Save Some Profits

Cryptocurrency trading gets sweeter with every new return. Once the money starts piling in your account, you might begin to covet even bigger returns, hence leading you to stake more considerable funds. It cannot go on forever because once the market turns against your position; you might lose all your funds. What is the hack? Save some profits and, preferably, withdraw regularly and leave a little bit for more trades. 

Follow the Advice of Experts

Bitcoin Aussie System has been in existence for four years now, and some people have used it all that time. Indeed, these experts know every nook and cranny of the software. If such users provide advice on navigation and best practice when it comes to using the Bitcoin Aussie System, you are better off adhering to the wisdom.   

Keep a Record for Tax Purposes

It is your responsibility to ensure that you pay taxes as it is necessary. You will avoid getting on the wrong side of the law. If your region requires tax payment on cryptocurrency trade earnings, make sure you have a detailed record of all your transactions. You will have enough time to maximise your earnings if you do not have government authorities breathing down your neck.

Only Invest What You Can Afford To Lose

The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, which means you face a greater risk of losing your capital. Although the Bitcoin Aussie System incorporates a function where you choose the desirable risk, you still stand a chance to lose if the market goes against your position. Therefore, ensure that you do not stake an amount that will drive you crazy if lost.

Our Conclusion: Bitcoin Aussie System

Our research was exhaustive, and we are certain the Bitcoin Aussie System is a trading robot deserves praise. The software entails powerful algorithms utilised by notable auto trading systems like Bitcoin News Trader, Bitcoin Millionaire, and Bitcoin Profit. Its interface is built for the most novice user. In addition, the platform has robust encryptions in place for security, and it does charge fees nor commissions on transactions. As such, any trader at any point in the trading journey can exploit the software's profit potential.

Still, the robustness of the software does not wish away the risk involved in cryptocurrency trading. That is why users should ensure that they deposit funds that they have no problem losing. By and large, take your time and learn the ropes. 

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