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Bitcoin Bank Review 2022 - Is It Legit or a Scam?

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Author: Benson Toti Updated: January 25, 2022

Bitcoin has had an impressive run in the market, despite the financial crisis occasioned by COVID-19 and the never-ending quantitative easing. While many crypto traders are making some decent profits through trading, the process is too complex for everyday people who have little experience.

Trading robots seek to open the markets to everybody through applied AI technology that can automate the technical aspects of trading. 

Bitcoin Bank claims that this is an award-winning robot on its website. In this Bitcoin Bank review, our in-depth research will provide an honest view of the product in terms of its effectiveness and legitimacy.

What Is Bitcoin Bank?

Bitcoin Bank is reportedly an advanced computer program that automates the research and execution of cryptocurrency trade. It is said that the trading software can identify the price disparity of Bitcoin between exchanges and act on that information to buy cheaper and sell higher, earning profits for users in seconds. 

The claims that its algorithm works tirelessly, ensuring traders don’t waste time and energy analysing vast quantities of market-data.

Bitcoin Bank: Our Verdict

Easy to use interface makes it great for even the most novice of traders

You can view live results from others using the platform to make money

It has excellent online security features

Effective automated trading processes

Accuracy assessment

Customer protection and support

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Who Created Bitcoin Bank?

While the real identity of who created this trading robot remains unknown, the mystery is lessened by the fact that the anonymous creators are said to have been five Wall Street, institutional traders.

It is also reported that the minds behind this highly specialised and popular online trading platform are all former hedge fund managers, who honed their skills trading stocks and forex before moving into crypto.  

It is claimed that these experts started working on Bitcoin trading strategies in 2016. The initial plan appears to have been to develop the trading robot for private use. However, the 2017 crypto boom allegedly helped them generate more than $100 million. It is after this, it is claimed, that they named the robot “Bitcoin Bank” before offering it to the public.

Who Created Bitcoin Bank?

Start Trading in 3 easy steps

1. Register Your Account

As an interested user, fill the registration form with your full name, email address, and phone number and then click “REGISTER NOW.”

2. Deposit

When you are prompted to fund your account, select your preferred payment method and deposit at least $250.

3. Start Trading

Verify your account in less than 10 minutes. Once your account is live, and you are paired with reliable, well-trained brokers, start trading.

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Pros & Cons of Bitcoin Bank


Bitcoin Bank is easy to open and use
The software is designed to conduct in-depth market research to mitigate the risks associated with volatility
The platform is safe as the identity of all users is thoroughly verified
The robot offers useful trading information in layman’s language
The potential daily income is unlimited, depending on the capital used and risk strategy
It has a cyber incident response team and depends on high-level encryption
Uses Machine Learning Technologies and Artificial Intelligence (generates large returns)


Some new investors may not be able to afford the minimum deposit, $250
Some traders are not tech-savvy
Bitcoin Bank does not offer 100% accuracy

Key Features of Bitcoin Bank

Bitcoin Bank is a fully automated trading robot that offers up to 99.99% accuracy. The bot also comes with a trading guide to help beginners navigate the site with ease and make the right decisions. Here are the key features:


The founders of Bitcoin Bank are confident that any user can earn over 400% of their investments. We consider that this assertion mainly applies to veterans who have mastered the art of trading on the platform. 

You can visit the official Bitcoin Bank site to see the live profit results, which suggest many people can achieve this goal.

But if you are a beginner, the start might be slow. One way to go about it is to get to the demo account and get the hang of it. Overall, the trading robot is more efficient than manual trading and should enable you to earn more, whether you are a beginner or not.

Verification system

Traders trust the robot since all users must verify their identity, and the process is efficient. If you manage to secure a registration slot, you will use the service for free.  

You only need to provide the necessary verification details. These are your name, phone number, and email during sign up. You then confirm the phone and email through a link and SMS. Given Bitcoin Bank’s commitment to safety, it observes all the relevant data privacy regulations.

For verification purposes, you are also redirected to the partner broker page. Remember, Bitcoin Bank relies on brokers to facilitate transactions. The brokers are required to verify their users’ identities. All the qualified brokers adhere to the guidelines of Australia’s ASIC, South Africa FSB, UK’s FCA, and other top-tier global regulators that are known for their strict deposit protection measures. 

Importantly also, the underlying broker is responsible for handling deposits. You can add Visa, Wire Transfer, Master Card, and some cryptocurrency wallets and electronic wallets to fund your account. The identity verification process is secure and straightforward and typically takes about 10 minutes.

Withdrawal Process

The withdrawal process is equally simple and straightforward. Once you have added your means of payment, you are set to go. You start working for an average of 20 minutes per day and expect to earn a minimum of $1,300 daily. You can withdraw the winnings at your convenience and receive it instantly.

Costs and Fees

Bitcoin Bank members pay no broker fees or commissions. In other words, all your earnings are 100% yours, and you are free to transfer it directly to your bank account at any time.

User Testimonials

Bitcoin Bank displays plenty of authentic user reviews on the site, with the many happy to have found a robot that guarantees them accuracy and is highly reputable. Many traders are also sharing how Bitcoin Bank has changed their lives on various online platforms, including social media.

Customer Service

The customer support of Bitcoin Bank is designed to give all users, especially beginners, the best experience. Our independent investigations discovered that the company provides telephonic assistance. Besides, it offers email support, and registered users enjoy a faster response time.

Affiliate Brokers

As we have seen, Bitcoin Bank relies on well-vetted brokers to access the trading market. All the deposits go through them. When you want to trade, the platform’s algorithm evaluates your needs and chooses the broker that is best suited to help you.

Is Bitcoin Bank Legitimate?

We signed up to verify its legitimacy. The registration process was incredibly easy. Once we provided our details and clicked “REGISTER NOW,” the software prompted us to deposit a minimum of $250 and verify our identity. That is what you need to start trading and making money today.

We also assessed the authenticity of the platform’s brokers. After evaluating the brokers’ verification process that complies with the requirements of several credible regulators across the world, we concluded that they are legitimate.

Finally, the favourable reviews on Bitcoin Bank, social media, independent blogs, and other platforms indicate that the robot is changing its users’ lives.

5 Reasons to Use Bitcoin Bank for Trading

High Profitability

The website claims that its users can claim huge profits using the platform. It is worth noting, however, that it is always advisable to learn all you can about the trading platform through a demo account and perform some research on the cryptocurrency markets to better inform your trading decisions. 

Easy to Use

It is designed with the need of all users in mind. Both the registration and trading process are simple. The friendly support team and the easy-to-read trading guide can also quickly help new users navigate the site.

Fast Trading

Bitcoin Bank boasts of having an advanced algorithm and programming system. The bot is 0.01 seconds ahead of the market, making it easy to understand why many users on the platform make lots of profitable trades.

Safety of Investments

The robust encryptions and rigorous verification processes are meant to protect all users and their resources.

Proven Track Record of Success

It is reported that the trading platform has won several awards in the recent past for giving its users value for their money. The company has posted that it had achieved #1 in the trading software category for the US Trading Association. 

What Is the Best Way to Use Bitcoin Bank?

Using Bitcoin Bank helps you to avoid making emotional trading decisions. Moreover, this app automates many activities, like identifying trade opportunities and market analysis. As such, it not only makes your work much easier but also increases your chances of making huge profits within a short period.

However, like other trading robots, it is not perfect. So, you need to have a clear understanding of the crypto market trends if you want to make better decisions and reap the most from it.

At the same time, you need to normalise the practice of transferring your winnings to your bank account as soon as you can. Also, always include “take-profit” and “stop-loss” when defining the robot’s parameters.

Has Bitcoin Bank Ever Appeared On TV?

Many rumours are surrounding Bitcoin Bank and other auto-trading tools. Popular TV shows are currently mainstreaming these robots. Due to this, many people are working hard to have their well-performing trading apps featured. We have researched to establish whether it has appeared on a popular TV show, and here are our findings.

Dragons Den

We have heard many rumours that the Dragons Den has featured and endorsed the trading software and many other related trading tools. We know what this means to the future of the robot. The UK show offers entrepreneurs an opportunity to present their business ideas to wealthy people for financial investment. So, we did not take the claims lightly. However, despite our research effort, we did not find evidence that the robot has appeared on the show. 

Shark Tank

Given that it matches the calibre of many of the trading robots that have appeared on some award-winning TV shows, we decided to take the next step and conduct more research to verify the claims that it has featured on Shark Tank. Expert investors always grill entrepreneurs on the show. The show’s global viewership is also valuable. Despite our firm belief that it deserves to be featured on the platform, we could not confirm whether it has been featured on the show or not.

Has Bitcoin Bank Ever Been Endorsed by a Celebrity?

There are also several rumours that several high-ranking celebrities have endorsed Bitcoin Bank. We have done some research to authenticate these claims. 

Bill Gates

Many people think that Bill Gates has endorsed Bitcoin Bank due to his love for technology. Microsoft, the global giant, is his brainchild. Even though Bill Gates has asked people to use cryptocurrencies cautiously, he is on record for saying the currency would define the future. 

Other than this comment, we would not find substantial evidence of whether he has ever endorsed this trading robot or not.

Elon Musk

The Tesla Billionaire has also been rumoured to have endorsed Bitcoin and this trading platform. When we checked his statements, we found that he is only a crypto-enthusiast. There is no record that he supports the robot either partially or fully.

Richard Branson 

Virgin Group's founder Richard Branson has been warning investors against digital currency scams. He is a firm believer in innovation but thinks that scams are a threat to its success. However, after conducting extensive research, we could not directly link any of his comments with an endorsement for Bitcoin Bank. 

Mark Cuban

Billionaire Mark Cuban once opposed the idea of investing in cryptocurrencies. He was concerned that the central bank would not allow it to become a viable currency. However, once Mark changed his mind, the serial investor and TV personality has never stopped promoting crypto. At one time, he suggested that serious investors should allocate not less than 10% of their portfolio to cryptocurrencies. Despite the positive comments, we could not verify the widespread claims that he recently endorsed Bitcoin Bank.

5 Ways You Can Maximize Success With Bitcoin Bank

There are several practical steps that you can take to maximise your chances of success. Here are the essential ones.

Start Small

We appreciate that you want to make huge profits from day one, but we advise beginners to take some precautions at this stage and ensure they fully familiarise themselves with the platform before starting to deposit vast amounts of money.

As with all lucrative investments, auto trading comes with certain risks that you can minimise by starting with $250 or something close to that. If you follow this advice and use the right trading strategies, you may be able to make the most out of your early days on the platform.

Save Some Profits

Once you start earning good profits, be sure you save some in your bank account. Do not give in to the temptation to keep ploughing back every coin that you earn with the expectation of making more money, as many do. Remember, the reason you are trading is to increase your cash flow.

Follow the Advice of Experts

When you follow experts’ advice with investment trading experience, you increase your chances of earning large amounts of money within a short period. The good news is that several people are ready to help many cryptocurrency traders overcome many trading challenges. They can foresee future changes in the industry and advise you accordingly at the right time.  

For the best result, find a few experts with extensive experience in Bitcoin Bank and ask them to give you the most efficient trading strategies. Remember that you can also access a lot of free information by following some of the best expert investors on social media, attending their webinars, and reading or watching the content on their websites or blogs. Be sure to put the information into practice.

Keep Records for Tax Purposes

Some cryptocurrency traders ignore the fact that the gains made from these digital assets are taxable. 

In the past, many jurisdictions considered trade illegal. But that has changed today due to the increased understanding of the assets’ benefits. Check with your government on your tax obligations to protect yourself from legal problems. If your jurisdiction does not tax the proceeds, you can go ahead and trade without any worries.

Only Invest What You Can Afford to Lose

The truth is that all types of investment carry some risks. Some highly risky ones are the most profitable. You need to face the truth that you may lose your money if things do not go as planned.

But the risk should not stop you from investing if you are serious about becoming rich fast. Like knowledgeable and successful investors, only invest what you can lose without subjecting yourself and your loved ones to preventable troubles.

Our Conclusion

From our in-depth research, we discovered lots of online reviews and user testimonials that claim Bitcoin Bank is one of the best trading robots available. It is secure, easy to use, and highly accurate. It is these features, users claim, that put this trading robot in the league of Bitcoin Formula, Crypto Hopper, and Bitcoin Rush

To mitigate the investment risks, start small, follow expert investors’ advice, and safely save your earnings. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. You only need $250. You can deposit more if you can afford it, but we recommend that you start small, especially if you are a beginner.
  2. Yes. Remember, the bot is over 99% auto. This means that if you can follow basic instructions, it suits you.
  3. The software handles the hard work. So, you need approximately 20 minutes per day. You can allocate more time if you need it.
  4. No. According to Bitcoin Bank, all your winnings are 100% yours. And you can withdraw at will.
  5. Your potential earning is unlimited. If you invest more and use the right trading strategies, you increase your earning potential.
  6. No. You must learn the basics of auto trading and use the right strategies to potentially earn well.

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