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Bitcoin Hero Review 2020 - Is It Worth It?

The cryptocurrency market has remained resilient for close to a decade against sceptics’ expectations and official crackdown in many jurisdictions. What is more, people are beginning to trust that cryptocurrency trading is a genuine source of a comfortable income. 

Along with the rise of cryptocurrency trading, another revolution has been taking place. The cryptocurrency trading robot revolution has been slow to catch on primarily because of evil characters who wanted to use them as the springboard of fraudulent schemes. However, robots such as Bitcoin Hero have been changing this perception in recent days.

Automated cryptocurrency trading is akin to the mechanisation of farming activities. When farmers began to mechanise their operations, agricultural production exploded, which fuelled the industrial revolution of the early 1800s. In like manner, Bitcoin Hero and other robots are the machines with which traders are mechanising cryptocurrency trading.

Whether the trading robots will lead to a financial revolution of a similar scale as the First Industrial Revolution is all but a mystery at present. However, we must state that the robots are a game-changer. For instance, Bitcoin Hero enables traders to use just one hour a day to earn huge profits. Perhaps you are wondering how it works, and whether it is legitimate software. This review is a comprehensive piece of work that has all the answers to these questions and more.

What Is Bitcoin Hero?

Bitcoin Hero is a trading tool that automates activities such as market analysis. This trading robot utilises artificial intelligence (AI) technology and other big data techniques to gather and analyse tons of market data. Its algorithms scour through the data to find profitable trading opportunities. 

The fast market analysis by the robot means that users can use it to take advantage of the disparity between the price of cryptocurrency on one exchange and another.

Features & Functionality

Authenticity - 93%
Performance - 97%
Ease of use - 94%
Customer service - 99%
App - 88%
Profitability - 93%
Reputation - 95%
Fast withdrawals - 98%
Security - 93%
User testimonials - 85%

Register Now With Bitcoin Hero

Whos behind

Who Created Bitcoin Hero?

No record exists of the individual or persons that created Bitcoin Hero. Nonetheless, you will notice that on account registration, you will be redirected to a regulated broker from whose platform you will do the trading. Also, Bitcoin Hero has an email and a mobile phone number, all of which work perfectly fine.

Start Trading in 3 easy steps


Registration is a single-step process. Users fill the blanks in a window with the information that identifies the person behind the account. Needed are the full name, valid email address, a working phone number, and location.

Make a Deposit

After creating your account with Bitcoin Hero, users are redirected to the appropriate broker. On the broker's platform, users can fund the account to start live trading or go-ahead to test the platform in demo mode.

Start Trading

Funding the account activates live trading. Here, users can make orders based on the signals provided by Bitcoin Hero. However, one must turn the software on first by clicking the “Turn Auto Trading On” button.

What People Are Saying About Bitcoin Hero

Photo of Kian Howard

Just last week, I met a guy who told me about Bitcoin Hero, and I jumped at the idea without even an iota of knowledge about cryptocurrency. It is three days now, and I cannot believe I have already earned a couple of hundred dollars! The earnings are paying the rent, money from my work is going into savings. Happy days.

- Kian Howard
Photo of Bailey Watson

Bitcoin Hero has helped me dip my toes into the waters of cryptocurrency. I have felt the rush of adrenaline on countless occasions, but the software helps to check its effect on the trades I make. This week alone, I made decent amounts despite the volatility. I wouldn't have garnered even a quarter of the amount if I were trading manually.

- Bailey Watson
Photo of Justice Richard

Let me begin by appreciating the people at Bitcoin Hero. You are my heroes. I was left with just three days for the bank to foreclose my house, but now I am safe, thanks to the money I earned with the help of your software. I’m now in the process of clearing my debts and the future is looking steadily brighter.

- Justice Richard
Photo of Evan Wagner

I did not know my cryptocurrency trading career had just begun when I made the first trade with signals from Bitcoin Hero early this year. Now, I am a full-time cryptocurrency trader, and my target is to increase the daily profits by the end of the year.

- Evan Wagner

Register Now With Bitcoin Hero

Pros & Cons


Users do not require any analytical skills because the software is fully automated
The withdrawal process is easy and fast, and users receive their funds in their accounts directly without having to deal with third parties.
The software is usable across platforms because it has a smartphone app.
Easy to set up an account because of reasonable demands in terms of personal details
Personal data is secure because of a comprehensive data protection policy.
Includes tips that guide new traders when using the software
The platform employs the latest encryptions to protect transactions and communications.


Only supports Bitcoin trading
The mobile app does not offer a similar experience as the web platform

Key Features of Bitcoin Hero

Potential Earnings

Bitcoin Hero calls its users a happy family of traders who bank $1,000 in daily profits. Indeed, expert traders who have used the software for long enough can earn such an amount, and even more, but this depends on experience and trading capital. They have learned the best way to use the software. For beginners, however, it is prudent to learn the nuts and bolts of the software. In the meantime, beginners might not earn as much profits.  

Verification System

It's verification process starts from a sign-up window. In this window, prospective users enter relevant and truthful details such as full name, email address, and mobile phone number. The mobile phone number serves as an identifier of the user’s location. Verification of the account details is fast, and, in less than five minutes, your account will have been connected to a regulated broker for trading to begin.  

Withdrawal Process

Bitcoin Hero allows users to fund their accounts from a variety of payment providers, including bank accounts, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, and more. These payment providers are the same avenue for the withdrawal of funds. The withdrawal process is fast and easy. However, the period within which users receive their funds is contingent on the payment provider used. 

Costs and Fees

It does not have associated costs and fees. The software itself is free of charge; neither does it charge commissions on winnings. As such, users can withdraw 100% of their earnings.

User Testimonials

Bitcoin Hero seems to have a strong appeal among users globally. According to testimonials seen on its website and elsewhere on the internet, users cannot thank this auto trading platform enough because the software has earned them a lot of money in a short time. 

Customer Service

Customer support is a crucial feature for software that prioritizes its users. Bitcoin Hero seems serious about this principle because an active email address and valid phone number are available for communication between users and support. Also, customer service is responsive and professional.

Affiliated Brokers

It operates in conjunction with brokers in all the jurisdictions of its clientele. In our research, we were referred to one broker that Bitcoin Hero deemed most appropriate. On rare occasions, the software refers users to more than one broker where one has to choose as one pleases. One commonality, though, is that all affiliated brokers are regulated by leading authorities globally.

Is Bitcoin Hero Legit?

Bitcoin Hero is affiliated with regulated brokers. Once you sign up, you will be paired up with an appropriate broker based on your location. The idea is to ensure that your orders are settled faster to avoid slippage. Besides, the choice of brokers closer to users is a way of Bitcoin Hero, providing that the users can verify the legitimacy of the broker. 

Another reason why it is legitimate is the ability of users to communicate with customer service. Once you register an account, you will get a message via email almost immediately. The purpose of the email is to provide you with the necessary information for accessing the broker platform. Besides, customer service calls new users directly to inquire in case they have a problem that should be addressed.  

5 Reasons to Use Bitcoin Hero For Trading

1. Easy to Use

Various factors define a great cryptocurrency trading robot. One such factor is the ease of use. Trading software is used globally and by traders with different levels of sophistication. Sophisticated traders might find it easy to work with complicated software because their skill level allows it. On the contrary, less sophisticated users might have trouble and even give up the software because of such challenges. Bitcoin Hero, however, entails an easy to understand UI. No user needs technical skills to use the software.

2. Users Earn Huge Profits

On their website, Bitcoin Hero proclaims users can earn up to $1,000 in daily profits. It is a figure of dreams for many retail traders because it means one can depend on cryptocurrency trading as the sole source of income. During our investigations, we found that Bitcoin Hero has the potential to generate huge profits but only certain conditions. First, users need to master how to use the software in the best way possible. Secondly, users might need to stake more significant sums per trade to garner such profits per day.

3. Swift Market Analysis

A significant feature that makes it more appealing is its briskness when it comes to market analysis. The software’s algorithms are AI-driven, which makes them adaptive, fast, and effective. In a volatile environment such as the cryptocurrency market, fast auto trading software is your best companion.

4. Affiliated With Regulated Brokers

Usually, trading robots do not offer trading services but rely on affiliated brokers. The brokers that a robot works with often speak volumes about the nature of the robot, whether it is legitimate or not, whether it is the best software you should pick or not. Bitcoin Hero is associated with brokers that are regulated by leading authorities in the world of finance. 

5. Platform Is Safe

It utilises some of the best cryptographic protocols for platform security. In light of numerous hacking attacks on cryptocurrency-based websites, it is in everyone’s interest that software employs the best safety procedures to protect users.

What Is the Best Way to Use Bitcoin Hero?

The best alternative to using trading robots is to trade via CFDs or exchange platforms. These platforms are complex, and they entail a lot of manual market analysis. On the contrary, using trading, a robot-like Bitcoin Hero automates market analysis tasks. However, what is the best way to use a trading robot?

Stay alert. Bitcoin Hero works automatically when you have entered your preferred parameters. Nevertheless, this should not be your license to disappear from your computer the whole day. As we have argued elsewhere in this review, the cryptocurrency market is quite volatile. It means that market conditions can change suddenly and without notice. If this happens, then you might want to change the parameters of the trading robot. Therefore, always stay on hand when the trading robot is active to avoid unnecessary margin calls.

Has Bitcoin Hero Ever Appeared on TV?

Bitcoin Hero is a popular platform, as we noticed from the user testimonials seen on the internet. In some of the testimonials, users claimed that friends had told them that it had been featured in several television shows. Our investigation yielded the following results:

Squawk Box

This talk show and news program airs on CNBC in the morning. The show preceded the opening of the stock market with reports and insights from across the significant financial, technology, and business centres. Running since 1995, the program is indispensable for investors who are seeking the latest information on the hottest asset in the market. Besides, the program highlights upcoming business ideas that can turn the industry on its head. The show fields guests from all walks of business life to shed light on the news of the day as well as provide insights for the benefit of investors. We could not establish if Bitcoin Hero has ever been featured on this show.

How I Made My Millions

It is another great CNBC TV production. How I Made My Millions is a TV show that focuses on people who share their journey to their first million. Often, these people took unbelievable risks to see their dreams through. A critical highlight that is the theme of the show is that millionaires are not made overnight. Although some users claimed the show had featured the creators of the Bitcoin Hero software before, we could not find information that lends credence to the claims.

Has Bitcoin Hero Ever Been Endorsed by a Celebrity?

In like manner, some users claimed the name Bitcoin Hero has been on the lips of various celebrities. Given the recent surge in the number of celebrities taking part in crypto-related projects, this claim did not seem absurd. As such, we wanted to find out if there are celebrities who have endorsed this trading software. 

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher is a celebrity venture capitalist who has had first-hand experience with cryptocurrency. Together with Stephen Colbert and Snoop Dogg, among others, Kutcher endorsed Ripple as the currency of the future. The venture capitalist went as far as investing in XRP. He has also donated millions in XRP to many charities across the United States. Despite the crypto-facing outlook, no piece of information shows that Kutcher has ever endorsed Bitcoin Hero. 

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather is the most famous boxer of this generation. On various occasions, Mayweather has used his fame to endorse crypto-related projects. In 2017, he tweeted about using many types of cryptocurrency in Beverly Hills. Certainly, Mayweather is the kind of celebrity that businesses would want to be associated with to gain visibility. However, our investigation could not link Mayweather to a Bitcoin Hero endorsement.

Richard Branson

Britain has many billionaires, but Richard Branson stands out as a celebrity billionaire. The owner of the Virgin Group is also an owner of an island in the Atlantic Ocean. Branson is among a long list of business personalities who have spoken in favour of a preeminent Bitcoin in the future. We could not establish if Branson has ever endorsed Bitcoin Hero.

Dennis Rodman

Rodman is a member of the elite Chicago Bulls team that made history in the 1990s when they won several NBA titles. The team included luminaries like Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, among others. Dennis Rodman is also a controversial figure who frequents Los Angeles. The celebrity has never shut out anything in his bones, but he blurts out his opinion without much of a care. In recent years, Rodman endorsed a number of crypto-related projects, including PotCoin. Despite his love for crypto, Rodman has never endorsed Bitcoin Hero.

5 Ways You Can Maximise Success With Bitcoin Hero

There is no doubt that Bitcoin Hero is profitable. Even then, users must be careful to ensure that the software is utilised in the best way possible to achieve expected earnings. Below are some best practices users should adhere to when using Bitcoin Hero:

Start Small and Work Up

This mantra is relevant in all investing situations. For starters, an investment is a decision to put funds at risk. If the gamble pays off, one earns huge profits, but one might lose all the funds if the investment backfires. Given this scenario, what would you instead do? Well, here is the answer. Start small! It does not matter what Bitcoin Hero promises to help you achieve. Alternatively, you should start with staking small amounts per trade. The essence of this is that in the moment of loss, you will not regret much because you lost just a small stake after all. However, the size of the stake for successive trades can increase gradually as you get a better feel of the software. You need this confidence to make the best of the auto trading platform.

Withdraw Some Money After Winning

One can easily be tempted to plough back all the money after the first win. However, it is prudent to save some profits because the next win is not guaranteed. If you happen to lose the trade after a second trial, you will still have some money to fund the account and carry on. Otherwise, a loss might demotivate you and even lead to quitting the career altogether.

Listen to Experts

Bitcoin Hero is a free software that allows users to play around with and to find the best way to utilise it profitably. Some of these experts share their knowledge on various platforms for the benefit of beginners and regulars who are still struggling with low earnings. If you follow the advice, rest assured that Bitcoin Hero would be your best friend for the rest of your trading career.

Make Use of the Demo Mode

Fortunately, it comes with a demo mode with which beginners can practice cryptocurrency trading. You will never appreciate the usefulness of the demo mode until you lose all your funds in your first trade. There is an option of either using the demo mode or funding your account to use the live mode within the trading platform of the affiliated broker. In the demo mode, users experience how it feels like trading live without exposure to risk. It is prudent to feel comfortable using the software in demo mode before transitioning to live to trade.

Learn All You Can About the Cryptocurrency Market

The cryptocurrency market is a new sector that is still evolving. That is why the market entails considerable volatility and high risk. Users should know that a trading robot like Bitcoin Hero might provide 100% accurate signals, but this is not enough to help one who does not understand a single about the working of the entire market. Imbibing information about the market should help users to configure the software in the best way possible. This way, the probability of successful traders becomes even higher.

Our Conclusion

Without a doubt, Bitcoin Hero plays in the big boys’ league of automated trading software. The software is easy to use, and its payouts are mouth-watering. Irrefutably, Bitcoin Hero is a major contender for the top auto-trading software position against powerful software such as Bitcoin News Trader, Bitcoin Aussie System, and Bitcoin Millionaire. These platforms are doing a great to encourage more people to delve into cryptocurrency trading because of their potential to earn so much money for their users in a matter of months. 

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