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Bitcoin Rush Review 2020 - Is It Worth It?

The introduction of cryptocurrencies has caught the world by storm and brought with it brand new trading opportunities for people who previously weren't participating in the trading market. There are numerous credible reports of people becoming very wealthy from investing in Bitcoin, proving that there is truth to the claims. One of the ways in which people have benefited from these highly volatile markets is by using automated trading software which predicts and executes the perfect trades through extensive data analysis. In our search for a better understanding of the differences between various trading robots, Bitcoin Rush has shown to be a highly profitable and reliable asset. Below we detail what we learned after signing up on the platform and using it to trade on cryptocurrencies for profit.

What Is Bitcoin Rush?

Bitcoin Rush was created by a team of specialists in the fields of economics, computer science, mathematics and experienced traders. They decided to combine their expertise and designed software which was able to reach an accuracy rate of over 97%. They have stated that their goal with the platform was to democratize trading opportunities in cryptocurrencies. 

The platform is free to use and has the advantage over other similar platforms in that it sends the buy and sell signals 0.01 seconds faster than any other.

Features & Functionality

Authenticity - 90%
Performance - 96%
Ease of use - 88%
Customer service - 88%
App - 87%
Profitability - 88%
Reputation - 94%
Fast withdrawals - 88%
Security - 98%
User testimonials - 87%

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Whos behind

Who Created Bitcoin Rush?

Bitcoin Rush was created by a specialized team of economists, traders and software engineers who combined their skills to build an algorithm with an average accuracy rate of over 95%. Since the algorithm has been on the market for over 7 years it has been continually learning and improving its prediction, hence the impressive success rate. Testimonials show countless users boasting of earnings in the thousands using the software, indicating Bitcoin Rush is a good choice for anyone looking to get into cryptocurrency trading.

Start Trading in 3 easy steps

Open a Free Account

The first step is to create and verify your new account on the Bitcoin Rush platform. The details you'll need to provide include only your name, phone number and email address.

Make a Deposit

The minimum deposit for the website is $250. You will receive a call from a licenced broker who will guide you through the platform and process, ensuring you are as prepared to begin trading.

Start Trading

Once this is complete, you're ready. You can start trading live and learning different techniques from experts to grow your account over time.

What People Are Saying About Bitcoin Rush

Photo of Rory Johnson

I had finished my law degree and started working in a reputable firm. I was finally earning money, but I had to spend almost all my time at the law firm. I always knew I wanted to begin trading to try and grow my savings, so I spoke to my brother who works in finance as an analyst. He told me about Bitcoin Rush and that it's actually possible to earn money passively from just setting up some parameters. I couldn't believe it but I had to give it a shot, and before I knew it, a few hundred bucks of savings was turning into a few thousand. I can focus on my career and know that I'm still optimizing my income, without even having to dedicate a lot of time to it.

- Rory Johnson
Photo of Jacob Berry

I'd heard about Bitcoin Rush from a few different acquaintances before I really gave it any serious thought. I always thought trading and the markets were for some fancy, super-smart Harvard people. I didn't even know anything about trading before. But out of curiosity, I did some Googling, I researched everything I could and in the end I had to admit that it seemed legitimate. I decided to give it a shot and since then my entire worldview on what's possible has changed!

- Jacob Berry
Photo of Scott Rees

I was working two jobs to try and pay off my car payments and mortgage. It was starting to get rough, but no matter what I did, bills were stacking up. My son told me about Bitcoin Rush, I didn't understand anything about it but he's much better than me at this stuff. He started using it first to show me what was possible, all of a sudden he was making hundreds of dollars in a single day! He got me all set up and since then I have already quit one of the jobs, and am thinking about quitting the other and taking a good long break for a little while.

- Scott Rees
Photo of Mason Hines

I'd heard of how many people had profited off Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and I knew I had to give it a shot for myself. One thing I was certain of was the only way to go was with Bitcoin Rush. I did my research online and off and I could only conclude that this was the safest and most profitable platform out there.

- Mason Hines

Register Now With Bitcoin Rush

Pros & Cons


Very easy to use and beginner-friendly
Award-winning software with an impressive accuracy rate of more than 95%
Free to use and without hidden costs
Responsive and helpful customer support
Faster response time than any other software on the market today


There's no app, only web-based trading is possible
You must first register and go through the verification process to begin trading

Key Features of Bitcoin Rush


Testimonials from users show that users quickly turn their accounts profitable and have within weeks grown to earn hundreds of dollars in a single day of trading. Some users with more experience reportedly earn up to $1,200 a day. We would caution new traders to not get ahead of themselves and start with small trades at the beginning before moving on to bigger and more profitable trades. 

Verification System

The safety of the users of the platform is of utmost importance to the creators, and it is their legal responsibility to ensure that your transfers are secure and implemented without putting your trade or your information at risk. New users need to register by providing their name, email and phone number, create a password and go through the verification process. Only then are you able to place your first deposit.

Withdrawal Process

We found the process to be very easy to go through and we successfully withdrew funds on multiple occasions without any issues. The payments get processed within a business day and you can make withdrawals as often as you wish.

Costs and Fees

We can confirm that there aren't any hidden costs or fees at any point in the process of trading on Bitcoin Rush. Each user keeps all the profits from their accounts, though we always caution new users to check out the Terms and Conditions on any platform they sign up to.

User Testimonials

There have been plenty of testimonials from long-time users which showcase the massive profits that are possible through this technology. They detail the benefits of enjoying their newfound financial independence thanks to Bitcoin Rush. 

Customer Service

It's of crucial importance that any time any user has a complaint or a question that their concerns can be immediately addressed. After all, with real money being at stake, they have a responsibility to make sure you are making the very best of your investment. We found the customer service team of Bitcoin Rush to be highly responsive and extremely helpful.

Affiliated Brokers

Bitcoin Rush is used by some of the world's leading cryptocurrency traders in the world today, and they are made available to new users after they sign up on the platform. We went through an extensive vetting process to ensure that the brokers we were connected with were reputable and regulated, and we were happy to conclude that each of the brokers we spoke to was definitely certified and qualified to be handing out guidance and advice.

Is Bitcoin Rush Legitimate?

Before investing your hard-earned income on any platform, it is important to run the necessary checks to ensure it's legitimate. The availability of automated trading systems doesn't mean that they are all created equal, though the industry is growing and the earning potential is real. Bitcoin Rush comes out on top as one of the best choices for people out there looking for ways to earn a passive income. This is due to the mix of advanced technology with 24/7 customer support, ensuring that the user is always in control. 

The advantage that using the automated trading system has over manual trading is that it allows users to make use of opportunities which would otherwise surely be missed. Small changes in prices between different exchanges and numerous cryptocurrencies are unlikely to get caught in time by a person trying to keep track of everything by themselves. Thanks to the algorithm's ability to analyze data at an unprecedented speed, this is no longer a limiting factor. Users who get acquainted with the technology open themselves up to gaining considerable profits through the use of this auto trading platform.

5 Reasons to Use Bitcoin Rush for Trading

1. Easy to Use

The platform has been specifically designed to make trading more approachable for those who don't have a lot of experience, making it very easy to navigate.

2. Offers High Returns

It's algorithm has reached a very high degree of accuracy, boasting a successful trading record of over 90%.

3. Faster Than a Human Is Capable

The speed the algorithm performs these computations at is beyond anything that a person could replicate. This opens up trading opportunities across price changes that would not be detected in time otherwise, eliminating human error margins along the way.

4. Affiliated With Regulated Brokers

When working with finances it's important to check that the brokers are regulated and reputable. By doing this you ensure to stay safe and protect your investments. Bitcoin Rush works closely alongside experienced traders to do just that.

5. Automated Trading

The technology behind the trading software allows users to benefit from trading without having to spend their entire day looking at screens hoping to catch trading signals. This opens up the opportunity to earn passive income from the markets to people who otherwise have other responsibilities, and would rather not devote more than an hour or so a day to their trading accounts.

What’s the Best Way to Use Bitcoin Rush?

Bitcoin Rush has been around for a long time, providing an increasingly accurate service for traders looking to use the volatility of the crypto market for their own gains. The algorithm behind the software is very sophisticated and it has proven to be a powerful tool in the right hands. To ensure maximum profitability, especially for newer traders, experienced brokers are made available to guide people through the steps of the trade. Make full use of the features including the demo account and customer service.

All you need to trade is an account and an internet connection. You can access the software from any device, whether desktop, tablet or phone. This also means you can trade from the comfort of your own home or while travelling the world. 

The important thing to keep in mind is to never trade more than you can afford to lose. This is the only way to ensure safety on the markets, as we all know of cases of people who lost too much on a single trade by not practising this simple but crucial rule. 

Has Bitcoin Rush Ever Appeared on TV?

Automated trading technology has been of interest to entrepreneurs and investors for years. Leaps in AI technology have brought new possibilities in the field of trading, opening up new opportunities to benefit off an unusually volatile market. One way to see this is in the ways that it is discussed on popular finance shows in the USA and UK. Below we have taken a closer look at some of the claims being made about Bitcoin Rush appearing on some popular shows, to see whether there is any legitimacy to them.

The Profit

The Profit is a popular TV show on CNBC where the focus is on investing and entrepreneurship, specifically helping people grow their businesses and investment along with profits. They have certainly discussed Bitcoin on this show and have recognized the enormous potential of these ventures for people across the country. Despite this, we were unable to confirm that they ever discussed Bitcoin Rush specifically on the show, or automated trading software in general.

Shark Tank

The popular US show Shark Tank has definitely discussed automated trading software in the past and it’s potential for growing people's finances. Although we looked at every crypto-related episode of the show we were unable to find any reference to Bitcoin Rush specifically, indicating that the rumours were wrong. 

Has Bitcoin Rush Been Endorsed by a Celebrity?

As new technologies and trading opportunities become apparent, certain high-profile celebrities might chime in to give their opinions and positions. We will now take a closer look to see whether there have been any legitimate comments made about Bitcoin Rush by any of these celebrities.

Bill Gates

A well-known entrepreneur and billionaire, Bill Gates has amassed great wealth with which he is dedicated to philanthropy and various important causes. He has spoken out about the possibility that cryptocurrencies have brought to the world and its potential to help bring people out of poverty. However, we were unable to find any evidence that he has spoken out about automated trading software and Bitcoin Rush in particular.  

Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel is a respected and successful entrepreneur and investor who is well known for his insights and expertise in the world of trading. Since the beginning, he has spoken out in favour of Bitcoin and its tremendous potential to enrich the middle and lower classes. We were unable to find any definitive proof of his commenting on Bitcoin Rush specifically.  

Snoop Dog

The famous rapper and performer Snoop Dog is known for speaking his mind and telling people what he really thinks. He's been a believer in Bitcoin since the very beginning and has been urging more people to get involved and benefit off this completely new asset. Even so we were unable to find any commentary on his part of any specific trading techniques or automated trading systems. 

Gordon Ramsay

There has been a considerable amount of talk online of Gordon Ramsey's investments in Bitcoin. Among these claims were also rumours of him promoting Bitcoin Rush. However, when we looked closely we couldn’t find any evidence that he had endorsed the trading software.

5 Ways You Can Maximise Success With Bitcoin Rush

No matter how advanced the software, it is never possible to know with 100% certainty which way a trade is going to go. This is important to remember, especially whenever you feel very confident about a trade. You have to remember that there is always a possibility that it will go the other way, which is why traders have over the years developed techniques and practices which when in place protect them from too much loss while maximizing exposure to profit. Below we outline some of our most important guidelines for new traders to stay safe and profitable.

Start Small

As a new trader, your best strategy is to start out with small trades, no more than the minimum deposit, while learning as much as possible. This way you will over time build a sizable portfolio while minimizing your exposure to risk, making it the most profitable strategy long-term. 

Save Some Profits

Resist the temptation to reinvest your entire investment pool for each trade. Every once in a while, on a consistent basis, make sure to withdraw portions of your profits to your bank account, securing a steady flow of income from trading. To do otherwise risks your funds in a single trade, and no matter how sure you feel about the way the market will go you can never be 100% certain.

Follow the Advice of Experts

We are lucky that today it is so easy to learn from industry giants in the fields of economics and finance. There are many reputable traders of cryptocurrencies who choose to post a lot of content on social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as on YouTube, making it possible to get incredible insights into the minds and strategies of experts. 

Keep a Record for Tax Purposes

It's important to always remember that there are legal ramifications with trading in assets such as Bitcoin, and depending on which country you live in there may be taxation laws which you must adhere to. In the long run, it would be best to keep a close record of each trade and ensure that everything is in order. Additionally, you will benefit from collecting all this data as it will help you gather learnings and improve your trading strategies to increase profits. 

Only Invest What You Can Afford to Lose

The key to successful long term investing is risk management by controlling how much you expose yourself to loss. By always keeping in mind that you may be wrong you will build safety nets which will keep you from losing more than you can handle at any time. This is crucial for long term success.

Our Conclusion

We have done extensive market research to investigate what technologies and features are available out there for new traders looking to get into crypto trading. Bitcoin Rush has a long history of making users money through smart investing and powerful analytical tools made freely available after sign up. Once you have made your first deposit you will quickly learn the tools of the trade and be in a good position to recognize crucial market signals and profit off the volatility of the market.

The important thing to remember is the golden rule of trading. Never invest more than you are willing to lose, and even in the worst-case scenario that your prediction is wrong, your exposure to loss is minimal. This is the key to long term prosperity in trading.

Through our research, we came across other platforms which make similar claims. Some of those we dismissed as too unsafe, but if you are interested in checking out how Bitcoin Rush compares to other software from the top of the industry we recommend Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Miner and Bitcoin Boom.

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