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Bitcoin Up Review 2021 - Is It Worth It?

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies introduced an alternative avenue for income generation for traders. Over the past few years, a good number of investors have made their lives comfortable from the earnings through cryptocurrency trading. But this has not come without challenges.

Digital assets are susceptible to rapid, huge, and erratic price gyrations. For the initiated, this volatility presents an opportunity to earn profits, but only if done right.

Developers in the cryptocurrency space have come up with pieces of software that trade on behalf of investors, whether seasoned or beginner. Bitcoin Up is reported to be one such piece of software. In the recent past, more of these trading robots have continued to appear on the scene with promises of great returns.

What Is Bitcoin Up?

Bitcoin Up is reportedly a trading robot that harnesses smart algorithms to gather market data and perform analyses. At the end of the analysis, it is claimed that the software outputs a signal that users follow when taking positions in the cryptocurrency trading market. 

This trading platform is exclusive to those that want to trade Bitcoin. The websites state that the bot uses smart technology and algorithms to enable users to exploit the price movements of BTC.

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Who Created Bitcoin Up?

The Bitcoin Up website does not identify a specific person or group as the mind behind the software. Nonetheless, our research on the internet revealed a reported group of software developers and former professional forex traders as the creators of Bitcoin Up. There are also many testimonials and online reviews that attest to the authenticity of the product.

Start Trading in 3 easy steps

1. Registration

Registration starts with a new user filling up a short form. The form requires one to provide two names, a valid mobile number, and an active email address.

2. Make a Deposit

Make a deposit through a bank transfer, using debit/credit card, and/or using payment providers such as PayPal. The platform allows a minimum deposit of $100.

3. Start Trading

You can start trading any time after adequate familiarization with the platform. Live trading is easy once you have tested the platform with the demo account.

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Pros & Cons


It has one of the best user interfaces in the market and easy to use.
The software gives users regular updates concerning the status of the market. As such, you can stay knowledgeable about your positions.
Reportedly possesses an AI- and NLP-powered algorithms gather data with more intelligence, which increases the accuracy of the signals provided.
The software partners with several reputable brokers for tighter security to protect funds and data.
Offers user convenience while enabling a 24/7 participation in the cryptocurrency market.
Highly responsive customer service


Users do not have the freedom to pick preferred brokers.
Only offers trades on Bitcoin.

Key Features of Bitcoin Up


The software is reported to work around the clock without stopping and its signals appear accurate. We believe that software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies such as natural language processing (NLP) has the capacity to provide users with accurate signals. But whether Bitcoin Up can generate $1,200 per day as they advertise, would depend on various factors such as the size of the stake, a user’s experience, and favourable market conditions. 

Verification System

Bitcoin Up requires new users to register for accounts by providing basic details such as their full name and mobile phone number. Furthermore, new users must provide an active email address through which the team verifies one’s identity. Immediately you click the “Register Now” button, a representative of the team behind Bitcoin Up calls you. During the call, the representative will verify the status of the new user, as well as answering any questions one might have.

Withdrawal Process

Bitcoin Up supports transactions using MasterCard and VISA debit/credit cards, as well as bank transfers. The withdrawal process is just two clicks away from completion but the period which one has to wait for funds to reflect varies based on the payment provider used. Overall, the withdrawal process is straightforward. 

Costs & Fees

Bitcoin Up software is free of charge. Interested users just need to create a free account and it is all systems go! Additionally, the platform does not charge any fees and commissions on winnings. If you earn $1,000, you will receive the full amount when you request a withdrawal. 

User Testimonials

Eighty-five percent of all Bitcoin Up reviews we encountered on Trustpilot are positive. The majority of these attest to Bitcoin Up’s professionalism especially when it comes to helping customers navigate the platform. 

Customer Service

Bitcoin Up is fast in terms of reaching out to users. Immediately after registering for an account, a representative calls to enquire about any issues and to offer assistance. In addition, customer service communicates with users through email. Our investigation showed that messages take at most five minutes to receive feedback. This is fast and reliable considering that the customer service handles thousands of queries in a single day.

Affiliated Brokers

Once the account is going, Bitcoin Up pairs new users with affiliated brokers. Usually, the preferred broker is the one closest to you – that is why it is important to state your location in the registration form. Each new account is referred to a broker, and you should take the time to check their regulatory status 

Is Bitcoin Up Legit?

User testimonials pay a glowing tribute to the ability of Bitcoin Up to generate returns as advertised. We registered an account on the platform to verify these claims. Although we were unable to clock the advertised figures in daily earnings, we feel that with more experience, trading capital and a little luck, this software could potentially provide viable opportunities.

We investigated the authenticity of the platform and our findings were positive. Bitcoin Up has an active line of contact through which users can share feedback with support and also receive help and advice.

5 Reasons to Use Bitcoin Up For Trading

1. Easy to Use

This software is reported to be extremely easy to use, where testimonials provided by beginners with little experience encountered no problems at all. 

2. Offers High Returns

Bitcoin Up claims users can make up to $1,200 in daily returns. We could not verify this and feel that the amount is a little exaggerated, even for a well-designed piece of software.

3. Faster Than a Human is Capable

AI and NLP technology make algorithms fast and more accurate. The algorithms gather huge amounts of data and analyse them in seconds. No human trader, however experienced, can achieve such a feat.

4. Affiliated With Regulated Brokers

Bitcoin Up redirects new users to appropriate partner brokers. Several of Bitcoin Up’s affiliated brokers have relevant and necessary licenses. With these in place, users do not have to worry about swindlers who might go underground with their funds.

5. Security

The software uses the services of top cybersecurity providers such as McAfee and BitGo. This means that user data is secure and that transactions are safe from prying eyes. As one of its policies in the “Terms and Conditions” document, Bitcoin Up promises to respect user data. This user data policy tells you that you can go about your activities with peace of mind.

What’s the Best Way to Use Bitcoin Up?

Bitcoin Up reportedly offers the opportunity to avoid the complexities of exchange or CFDs platforms by making trading activities easy and less time-consuming. Since the software claims to take over important activities like market analysis, it means traders can avoid pitfalls that arise from human psychology. Still, we must bring a few things to your attention to help you use the software in the best way. First, you need to educate yourself about the digital currency market. This knowledge will help you to make better decisions – especially concerning what parameters to input in Bitcoin Up –to increase profitability. Secondly, you need to know your way around the platform. Perhaps you should first start with the demo trading mode before going live trading.

Has Bitcoin Up Ever Appeared On TV?

Bitcoin Up is reported to be a popular software among cryptocurrency traders. For this reason, we saw rumours on various platforms on the internet that alleged Bitcoin Up’s appearance on various TV shows. It is the culture of many TV shows to host entrepreneurs in trending ecosystems and to highlight the latest ground-breaking innovations. Because we could not immediately dismiss the rumours concerning Bitcoin Up’s appearance on some of these shows, we sought to find out the truth in them. 

Dragons Den

Dragons Den is the benchmark of reality shows that showcase entrepreneurial prowess across the world. The show focuses on prospective entrepreneurs who have great ideas presenting them to the ‘Dragons’. If they like it, then they will snap it up and the entrepreneur might live to see his/her idea grow wings to become a unicorn in a few years. There is no doubt the Bitcoin Up is an idea worthy of appearing on Dragons Den but our investigation could not find any information confirming its appearance on the show.

Shark Tank

Shark Tank is an American version of Dragons Den, which is British. However, Shark Tank has an international posture. Entrepreneurs from around the world appear in the ‘Shark’s Tank’ to present their ideas to the judges and the world. The most practicable and potentially profitable ideas get the support of the Sharks. Some of the ideas that have the Sharks’ attention are of the same calibre as Bitcoin Up. Nevertheless, Bitcoin Up has never appeared on Shark Tank.

Has Bitcoin Up Ever Been Endorsed by a Celebrity?

Further, we stumbled on claims that some celebrities support Bitcoin Up when researching for this review. Are they true? Below are our findings:

Rob Brydon Jones

There is no mistake that Rob is the first celebrity people would want to associate with any project. Rob is an accomplished comedian, a seasoned TV and radio presenter, an impressionist, a singer and an actor. Sterling performance in all of these roles earned Rob the MBE honour. Besides, Rob is an outspoken commentator on current issues, and of course with a lot of humour. Nonetheless, our investigation could not yield any relationship between Bitcoin Up and Rob Brydon Jones. 

Peter Jones

Peter Jones is a familiar face, especially to Dragons’ Den aficionados. Jones made his name and fortune as TV personality, and through interests in media, property, retail, and mobile technology. Jones is an astute businessperson with an Eagle’s eye when it comes to spotting promising opportunities. However, our research indicates that Peter Jones has not yet spotted Bitcoin Up because he has not endorsed it anywhere.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a celebrity entrepreneur who has just made his first appearance in the top ten list of the world’s richest people. He is known for his rich entrepreneurial skills as well as his genius that has birthed various billion-dollar companies. Elon is a popular figure on Twitter and has been a target of numerous cryptocurrency scams perhaps because he is known to have a soft spot for digital assets. On whether he supports Bitcoin, Musk has come out on Twitter to dispute the claims as false. Therefore, it is impossible to associate him with comments, if any, in support of Bitcoin Up. 

Richard Branson

Richard Branson is known for the Virgin brand. Branson is one of the few billionaires who see blockchain and cryptocurrencies as the definition of the future. He has come out on international TV to proclaim his admiration for cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. However, nowhere does he claim to endorse Bitcoin Up. 

5 Ways You Can Maximise Success With Bitcoin Up

Bitcoin Up claims to be an automated trading platform whose main aim is to make a user experience easier and more profitable. Apart from its capabilities, users have attested that you can maximise your chances of success by following some simple, best practices:

Start Small and Work Up

Admittedly, the prospect of earning major returns is enough to persuade anyone to invest big. However, this would be ill-advised if you want to maximise the success of your experience with the software. The digital currency market is highly volatile and therefore carries a degree of risk. With a small amount of stake, you get the opportunity to learn the ropes, such as appropriate parameters to mitigate risk. Starting with a small amount will ensure that you can come back tomorrow and make another trade because you did not risk all of your capital in a single trade. Once you get a feel of the platform and the market, you can begin working your way up by increasing the size of the stake gradually.

Save Some Profits

The moment you earn your first profit, you may feel the urge to plough the whole lot back in, and that is natural because we all want huge returns quickly. However, you may regret doing so, as no two trades are guaranteed to perform the same. It is best to save some profits – preferably by withdrawing the funds straight into your bank account. Taking out a portion of the funds prevents unnecessary losses due to succumbing to your temptation. Besides, this is the only way the trading activity will make sense. Building up your profits outside the platform is another form of encouragement to keep going. 

Follow the Advice of Experts

Bitcoin Up has been in operation for several years now and there are users who have vast experience concerning how to use the platform for maximum success. Fortunately, one can easily access these experts on various platforms online. Find out what they have to say about certain things like how to configure the software for the best results. Also, you will get to learn important strategies that have worked for the experts.

Keep a Record for Tax Purposes

Cryptocurrency is now a recognised asset in many jurisdictions across the globe. This means the jurisdictions expect crypto traders to pay taxes on capital gains. It is prudent to find out if this is the case in your location to avoid unnecessary confrontations with authorities, which could result in major losses on your part. Part of ensuring compliance with the tax code is to keep neat records of your crypto-related transactions. 

Only invest what you can Afford to Lose

This is a statement that many traders would rather not hear but it is pure truth. Digital assets are volatile and price gyrations are oftentimes dramatic and unpredictable. Do not invest any amount that you can’t afford to lose. Remember the point we made earlier also, that you should start small and work up. You will notice that there is a lot of joy in small wins that can build up to bigger profits in the long-term.

Our Conclusion

Certainly, Bitcoin Up appears to be a great addition to the ranks of Bitcoin focused trading robots. The software claims to blend the latest technology such as AI and NLP to create smart algorithms that push the boundaries of automated cryptocurrencies trading. If you are interested in other similar robots, you may want to check out our reviews of Bitcoin Aussie System, Bitcoin Method, and Bitcoin Millionaire

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. The software has proper security measures in place that include encryption of user activity. Other security measures include use of McAfee and BitGo services. Also, the software pairs users with regulated brokers to ensure funds are safe.

  2. Bitcoin is a volatile asset whose price sometimes swings wildly. This implies that traders have to collect huge amounts of data for analysis for more accurate speculation. For a human trader, this is cumbersome and difficult, to say the least. A robot, on the other hand, can accomplish the market analysis task in a matter of seconds. The robot is fast in its analysis and its intelligent algorithms increase the chances of getting the analysis right.

  3. Bitcoin UP requires users to deposit a minimum of $100 before live trading is activated.

  4. The Bitcoin UP platform is only available for web trading but given the huge interest in cross-platform usage, we wouldn't be surprised if an app is not far from materialising.

  5. Bitcoin UP does not impose restrictions on withdrawals. As such, you are free to withdraw funds any time. The withdrawal process entails just a few clicks and a short wait time, depending on your payment provider.

  6. Not at all. Bitcoin UP is easy to use software that requires nothing more than an account. Once set up, the software integrates in the broker’s platform and all users need to do is to turn it on. Anyone can do this.

  7. Bitcoin UP advertises $1,200 as the daily returns for its users. However, we feel that this amount is not possible for beginners trading with a minimal amount of capital. When users have accumulated enough experience and they have funded their accounts with sufficient money, these returns may be possible.

  8. Yes, users do not pay for the software. All new users need is an account.

Disclaimer: All testimonial photos are stock imagery and do not represent the people behind the feedback.

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