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How to Buy Livepeer (LPT) in 3 Simple Steps

By Alice Leetham - Updated 01 February 2023
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Livepeer provides a decentralised video infrastructure that new and existing broadcasters can use to deliver video content via blockchain technology. The network is powered by Livepeer’s utility token, LPT, and this guide will explain how to buy it.

How to Buy Livepeer

If you’re looking for a simple way to buy Livepeer, all you need to do is sign up with a crypto exchange. You can access it online with a computer, smartphone, or tablet to quickly buy and sell Livepeer and a range of other cryptocurrencies. The best platforms are listed below as well as a quick step-by-step guide on purchasing Livepeer.

1. Choose a platform

Find a broker or exchange where you can buy LPT. You might want to consider aspects such as what fees they charge and what customer support they offer before signing up. We’ve compared the best platforms later in this guide but if you want to buy LPT right away, you can sign up with our top recommendations in the table below.

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2. Create and fund your account 

Navigate to the account creation page on your chosen platform and fill in the registration form. You may also have to provide additional documentation such as a photo ID or proof of address. Go to the deposit page and fund your account through one of the accepted payment methods.

3. Buy Livepeer

Search the platform for the relevant trading pair (this will be the LPT/GBP trading pair if you have just deposited British pounds) and create a buy order for the amount you wish to purchase. A market order will be filled straight away, while a limit order will be filled once LPT reaches a specified price.

Table of Contents

What Is Livepeer?

Livepeer is a decentralised video streaming network built on Ethereum. It can be used to facilitate a range of video media projects, such as streaming platforms, digital conferences, live broadcasts, and video-enabled decentralised applications (dApps).

The expense of tools and fees charged by centralised services can make it difficult for new broadcasters to compete with those who are already well established. However, with blockchain technology, Livepeer provides a decentralised solution that is low cost and opens up new possibilities.

An optimal viewing experience for end-users requires that videos be reformatted through transcoding. Node operators on the Livepeer network provide the computing power to transcode, process, and deliver videos.

The node operators are rewarded for their work with Livepeer’s token, LPT. Other LPT holders can also stake their tokens to earn rewards by delegating them to a node operator.

Ways to Invest in Livepeer

LPT can lend itself to different ways of investing, with some people buying it for the short term and others for the long term. Both approaches are valid and which you choose is a matter of preference and ability.

Buy and hold Livepeer

The buy and hold strategy is the simplest strategy there is. As you might have guessed, it just involves buying LPT and holding onto it. Anyone can execute this strategy and it hardly takes up any of your time.

Your LPT also doesn’t have to sit idly in a wallet while you’re holding it. As stated above, you can stake your LPT by delegating it to a node operator. This will earn you rewards in the form of more tokens.

Best Livepeer wallets

If you want to keep your LPT as safe as possible, you might consider transferring it to a private wallet. This will give you complete control over your assets. The most popular wallets come in the form of either software or hardware.

Software wallets can be great for those with smaller balances as they are free, easy to use, and can be downloaded to your computer or phone. Those with a significant amount of LPT should consider paying for a hardware wallet like Trezor, BitBox, or Ledger as they provide the best security.

Trade Livepeer

LPT is also bought and sold on much shorter timeframes by traders to profit from its price volatility. This takes more time and effort than investing and can require skills such as technical analysis.

As traders exchange their tokens more often, it can be inconvenient to move their LPT off their exchange to a private wallet. Many prefer instead to store their tokens in the free web wallet provided by their exchange.

Should I Buy Livepeer Now?

We can provide you with information about Livepeer’s fundamentals and potential but you will have to make all your own investment decisions. The maximum supply of LPT is limited, which might make it a good long-term store of value.

The staking rewards Livepeer pays to node operators and delegators incentivise people to buy LPT and stake it, while also reducing the supply of tokens on the open market. This could prove to be a positive combination for the price of LPT.

The value of LPT should only increase as the Livepeer network grows and gains wider adoption. Livepeer was the first major project to work on blockchain-based video delivery and has already received a lot of support.

The low cost, versatility, and democratic nature of Livepeer’s technology could help it achieve global adoption as it brings benefits to a range of broadcasters, content creators, and end-users.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Orchestrators?
Orchestrator is the name given to node operators on the Livepeer network who transcode videos.
How do I stake LPT?
Head to and connect your wallet. Choose an Orchestrator and click on their name. Now you can input how many LPT you want to stake on the right and press “Stake”.
Can I choose more than one Orchestrator to stake with?
Yes, but you will have to use a different ETH account for each. You can easily create multiple ETH accounts with MetaMask.
Can I unstake my LPT at any time?
Yes, but the unstaking process takes seven days, so it is only after that time that you will be able to withdraw your tokens.
Why isn’t my LPT showing up in my wallet?
If you are using a wallet such as MetaMask or MyCrypto, you may have to import LPT before your balance will be displayed. You can do this in MetaMask by clicking “Add Token” and either searching for Livepeer or selecting the Custom Token tab and pasting in the LPT contract address: 0x58b6a8a3302369daec383334672404ee733ab239

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