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The 10 Best Solana Gambling Sites In 2024

By Rebecca Campbell - Updated 24 June 2024
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Right now, there are a number of websites available where you can bet online using cryptocurrencies like Solana. The sheer volume of these sites can make it hard for even the most seasoned veteran crypto gambler to choose which one to play on.

In this article, we will talk about the 10 best Solana gambling sites where you can bet with crypto and receive some bonuses in the process. These sites have shown that they provide trustworthy and fun experiences. They have gambling games that are provably fair and easy to play with Solana and other cryptocurrencies.

Best Solana Gambling Sites - Our Top 4 Picks

Looking for a quick answer? Here are our top 4 Solana gambling sites.

Min Deposit
User Score
High Casino welcome offer: 150% up to 3000 USDT + Wheel of fortune where players can win up to 1 BTC
Daily Cashback: Up to 25%
Fast deposits and withdrawals: Processing of withdrawal is around one hour
Visit Site
CryptoLeo is a licensed crypto casino that offers over 5,000 games, including slots, table games, live casino, and sports betting. It also has a generous rakeback system, a world-class loyalty program, and a variety of bonuses and rewards. CryptoLeo is a leading crypto casino that provides a fun and rewarding gaming experience.
Payment Methods:
Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Binance Smart Chain, Electron, BinancePay
Full Regulations:
Min Deposit
$ 0
User Score
Start gambling with just your email address, ensuring privacy and anonymity. Unlike traditional casinos that require extensive personal info.
Eligible for 10% cashback on your welcome bonus.
Exclusive games like Crash and Dice offer provably fair outcomes to players.
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TrustDice, established in 2018, is a legitimate and exciting crypto casino and betting platform. It offers a wide range of options, including sports and esports betting, crypto casino games, dice games, and live casino experiences. TrustDice allows anonymous play, offers guaranteed cashback, and provides leading sports odds. Players can start wagering for as little as 0.0000001 BTC. The site also features a great community forum, exclusive provably fair games, and over 7,000 casino games.
Payment Methods:
Bank Transfer, Debit Card, PayPal, Credit Card, Cryptocurrencies, Bank Transfer: SEPA, MoonPay, Cash App, Revolut, Venmo
Full Regulations:
Min Deposit
User Score
A multi-award winning crypto casino
BC.GAME has its priority set on its community, ensuring an everlasting and endlessly entertaining gambling experience.
BC.GAME has got you covered with over 10000 slot games to choose from!
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BC.Game casino offers an exciting range of games with magnificent graphics and visual effects, lucrative bonuses, and promotional offers on its crypto gambling platform.
Payment Methods:
Full Regulations:
Min Deposit
User Score
Fast cashout times no longer than 10 minutes
Over 2,900 slots, jackpots and casinos to choose from
Instant BTC to EUR exchanger for casino games
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Payment Methods:
Full Regulations:

Different Kinds Of Platforms For Solana Gambling Websites

Sports Betting

A Sports Betting platform is where you can place bets on sports events, and if your bet is successful, you get paid. In the past, a bookie would manage these bets, but online betting sites and sportsbooks now handle everything automatically. To place a bet, you choose a sport and a specific match or tournament, and then you place your bet.

While Sportsbooks initially focused on traditional sports, they now cover modern events like eSports and video game competitions. Some even expand into areas like politics and entertainment, allowing you to bet on things like the next President or Governor.


Online Casinos bring the casino experience to your computer, offering many of the same games found in physical casinos but adapted for online play. Some games have been adjusted to work seamlessly online, using hash functions to ensure games like Roulette remain purely luck-based.

Casinos aren’t about betting on events; you can enjoy games where algorithms generate random outcomes. Standard games include Roulette, different forms of Blackjack and Baccarat, themed Slots, games with special features and unique mechanics, and even live game shows like Deal or No Deal.


Poker websites provide a variety of video poker games and other poker variations. While some sites focus solely on table games, most on our list offer a poker section for crypto-led games like Bitcoin poker, alongside a casino or sportsbook.


Online Lottery platforms work similarly to traditional lotteries but use random hash functions to guarantee fair results. Typically, you purchase a ticket and choose six numbers. When the drawing occurs, your prizes are determined by the numbers you match. If you match all six numbers, you win the jackpot.

Dice Games

Dice games also ensure fairness through hash functions. These platforms host various games where the outcomes depend on the dice roll, ensuring transparency and fairness.

Pros & Cons Of Using Solana On Gambling Sites


  • Speedy Transactions: Solana’s fast blockchain technology enables rapid transactions, ensuring quick deposits and withdrawals on gambling platforms.
  • Low Transaction Costs: Solana’s efficient network structure leads to lower transaction fees than other cryptocurrencies, making it cost-effective for frequent gambling activities.
  • Transparency and Security: Solana’s blockchain provides clarity, allowing gamblers to verify transactions independently. The inherent security features of blockchain also enhance the safety of transactions and bets.
  • Decentralization: Solana operates on a decentralized network, reducing the control of any single entity over the platform. This decentralization can lead to fairer gaming experiences.
  • Global Accessibility: Solana’s accessibility isn’t limited by geographical boundaries, enabling players from various parts of the world to engage in gambling activities on the platform.


  • Volatility: The value of Solana and other cryptocurrencies can be highly volatile, leading to uncertainty in the value of your winnings or bets.
  • Learning Curve: For those unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies, acquiring and using Solana may involve a learning curve, which could deter some potential users.
  • Limited Acceptance: While Solana’s popularity is growing, not all gambling sites accept it as a payment method, limiting your choices of where to gamble.
  • Regulatory Concerns: In some regions, the regulatory environment for cryptocurrencies and gambling can be uncertain, potentially leading to legal and compliance issues.
  • Technical Glitches: Like any technology, Solana and the gambling platforms it supports can experience technical glitches or downtime, impacting the user experience.

The 10 Best Solana Gambling Sites - Why We Chose Them

Top 10 Best Solana Gambling Site Reviews

Choosing The Right Solana Gambling Website: A Simple Guide

The Reputation Of The Gambling Site

Trust is a big deal When looking into Solana gambling sites. The best sites have built up a good name over time. So, the first thing to check is how reputable the site is. Here are three essential things to consider:

First, make sure the SOL gambling site takes your safety seriously to protect your money and information. Avoid places that have had security problems before.

Second, look for licensing. Even though crypto sites might have some flexibility, they should still have licenses from well-known authorities. Most sites get their licenses in Curacao.

Lastly, check if the games are fair. The best Solana gambling site will offer provably fair games, which means you can check online to see if they’re playing fair.

Security Of The Website

A reliable Solana gambling site needs to keep things super secure. They’re dealing with your money and data, after all. They should use robust encryption techniques to stop anyone who shouldn’t get in.

Staying Legal

Be careful with Solana gambling websites in places where online gambling isn’t allowed. Trustworthy platforms often tell you about places where their services are restricted or stop people from those areas from using their sites.

It might be a sign of a crypto scam if they don’t give you this information. There’s one exception, though—decentralized sites. They don’t need you to make an account or give them certain personal information.

Variety Of Games

Choose a gambling site that has all sorts of games. It could be a casino with many different games or a big betting platform with sports betting. If it’s a casino, make sure they have Slots, Table Games, Jackpots, Roulette, Poker, Baccarat, and live games.

If they do sports betting, make sure they cover the major sports like Football, Basketball, Baseball, MMA, Wrestling, and racing events. Look for a place with at least 12 different sports you can bet on.

Easy Deposits And Withdrawals

Since Solana gambling sites deal with cryptocurrencies, moving your money around—putting it in and taking it out—should be fast once it’s confirmed on the blockchain. Be careful if a site takes a long time to give you your money, as that might be a sign of problems.

Customer Support

Pick a Solana gambling site that is ready to help you when you need it. The best ones usually have ways to chat with them live or email them. Some even give you a phone number to call.

Getting The Most Out Of Solana Gambling Sites: Bonuses Explained

Deposit Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are like unique gifts for new users. They might give you free spins or match the money you first put into your account. The idea is to get new players excited about signing up and starting to play games.

But there’s a catch—these bonuses usually come with some rules. One common practice is not to just take or withdraw the bonus money and never play. You have to use it to make bets or play games first.

Rakeback Rewards

Rakebacks are like getting some of your money back. When you play games, you usually bet some cash. The “rake” is the part of that money that the gambling site keeps. The site returns some of that “rake” money when you don’t win.

Sports Bonuses

Sports bonuses are a thing if you like to bet on sports events. They’re often offered by websites that let you bet on sports. The idea is to encourage you to make bets on sports games. But you can’t just cash these bonuses out; you have to use them to make more bets.

Extra Money For Deposits

Deposit bonuses are like a little extra boost for your money. When you put money into your gambling account, these bonuses add even more money up to a specific limit. They want you to put money in and use it for betting and playing games.

Exploring Your Gaming Options On Solana Gambling Sites

When you visit Solana gambling sites, you’ll discover various games to have fun with. While the exact games might vary from site to site, they generally fit into similar categories. Here are the main ones you can expect:

Classic Casino Games

Casino games include those timeless favorites in regular casinos, like Baccarat, Poker, Blackjack, and Roulette. Poker is a card game where players get dealt cards and try to make the best hand by following specific rules. People often pay to join the fun or bet on what will happen, making it rewarding when you win.

Different types of Poker are played worldwide, such as Five Card Draw and Texas Hold ‘Em. Blackjack, another card game, is about getting a hand higher than the dealer’s without going over 21. In Baccarat, you get a couple of cards, and the winner is decided by their total value after dividing by 10.

Then there’s Roulette, a game of luck where a ball is dropped onto a spinning wheel with numbers and colors, and players try to guess where it’ll land.

Placing Bets On Sports

Sports betting is all about making bets on different sports events. The sports you can bet on depend on the site, but some are common on all betting platforms. Soccer (often called Football outside the US) is significant, letting you bet on live games and upcoming matches with set odds.

Basketball is also a popular choice, especially the NBA, and some sites even cover college basketball. American Football (NFL) is another sport you’ll see, allowing you to bet on your favorite teams using the gambling sites you prefer.

Contrasts Between Solana Gambling And Traditional Online Gambling

There are apparent differences between Solana gambling and the usual online gambling we are familiar with. Here’s a breakdown of those differences:

Paying Up

One of the most considerable distinctions is in how you pay. Solana gambling uses cryptocurrency, which has its benefits. Compared to the usual ways we pay, it makes transactions faster, gives more flexibility, and lets more people join in.

Following The Rules

Regular online gambling sites usually have to follow strict rules in the countries they operate in. But this is only sometimes true for Solana sites, especially the ones that only use cryptocurrency for everything.

This can be good or bad, depending on how the gambling site runs. The legit sites usually make out well in this setup, while the not-so-legit ones might try to exploit it.

Mixing It Up

A bunch of gambling sites have games from lots of different companies. The traditional ones often have more fun because they use regular money, which more people are set up for than cryptocurrencies.

Staying Safe

Both regular and Solana gambling sites care a lot about safety. But the usual sites usually have to meet stricter safety rules set by governments, so they’re generally safer. Solana gambling sites have their own safety rules, and how tough they are can be different from one site to another.

To lower the chance of running into safety problems, it’s a good idea to pick sites that follow government rules and use cryptocurrencies.

How Does Gambling With Solana Work?

Gambling with Solana follows a similar process to regular gambling, but the main difference is the type of money used. When you want to play, you send cryptocurrency to the gambling website’s particular wallet address, like you would a regular crypto transfer. Once the gambling site gets your Solana, they use different methods to make the gambling happen.

One common way is to use a sort of “proxy” currency that’s part of the website’s system. It’s like a stand-in for the actual cryptocurrency. Some sites use smaller units, like millimeters or nanometers.

These proxy tokens don’t go on a blockchain, but they show the value of the crypto you sent, so you can use them to bet. They do this because many games aren’t directly linked to the blockchain and can’t work with Solana.

Are Solana Gambling Sites Safe?

Whether Solana gambling sites are safe depends on how they handle stuff like security, being open about what they do, and ensuring their games are fair. The good sites are careful about writing down their rules and telling players how to handle money, stay secure, and ensure the games are fair.

It’s essential to read these rules and be cautious if you find sites needing clarification about their actions.

Is Solana Gambling Legit?

The legality of Solana gambling is connected to how online gambling is seen in general. Most countries don’t have specific rules for Solana gambling, so they treat it as part of online gambling.

If online gambling is allowed in your country, you can usually join a Solana gambling site without a problem. Just make sure to check if online gambling is permitted where you are. If it is, you’re good to go and sign up with a Solana gambling site.

Why Should I Switch To Solana For Gambling?

Easier Payments

Moving over to Solana gambling platforms means dealing with more straightforward ways to pay, all thanks to cryptocurrency. This simplicity covers sending and getting money using a digital currency across borders. It lets you do transactions easily from anywhere in the world.

More Privacy

Cryptocurrencies are private, so you don’t have to share much personal information, like on regular gambling sites. Suppose you use platforms that only use crypto. In that case, they won’t ask for your credit card details or social security information.

This means you get to control your information better, keep your privacy intact, and keep your gambling stuff separate from your other money matters, like your credit history.

Fast Transactions

Crypto transactions are known for being super fast. They get your money where it needs to go way quicker than regular gambling sites, which might make you wait for days when you use traditional banks.

Final Thoughts on Solana Gambling Sites

After closely examining the leading Solana gambling sites available, we’ve singled out BetOnline as our top pick. It stands out due to its wide variety of games and sports events, easy-to-use interface, strong reputation, and acceptance of various cryptocurrencies.

However, all the sites mentioned here offer excellent choices for Solana gambling, catering to different game preferences.

For instance, Metaspins specializes in lottery games, while FortuneJack focuses on sports betting. Remember, it’s wise to be cautious when dealing with cryptocurrency transactions. It’s best to copy and paste wallet addresses instead of writing them manually to avoid mistakes.

If you’re ready to start your Solana gambling journey, all you need to do is sign up with BetOnline.

How We Found The Best Solana Gambling Sites

Our process for selecting the sites mentioned in this guide involved thorough research and in-depth reviews. We carefully looked into security measures, transparency, reputation, game variety, cryptocurrency support, and competitive advantages.

As explained, the listed sites were chosen based on their excellence in various categories. For example, BC Games was highlighted as a top lottery site because of its impressive £3.1 million lottery draw. To better understand how we conducted our tests and why you can rely on our recommendations, explore our dedicated “Why trust us” and “How we test” sections.


Can I Gamble with Solana?
Yes, there are platforms where you can use Solana to add funds to your account and place bets using exceptional currencies that match the value of Dogecoin.
Do Gambling Websites Accept Cryptocurrency?
Online gambling sites do accept cryptocurrency deposits.
Is it Possible to Gamble Online with Solana?
You can engage in online gambling using Solana on platforms that specialize in cryptocurrency gambling.
Is Solana Gambling Legit?
Yes, in places where online gambling is allowed by law, Solana gambling is considered legitimate. It falls into the same category as other online gambling activities that are legally permitted.